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Persecution On minorities and Awami Government's politicization ..

Written By: Nazmul
10/03/2013 20:36 10/03/2013 16:01
Burning Issue


Minority Persecution  and politicization

 Bangladesh is enormously famous worldwide for its peaceful communal co-existence.  For the long time, people of many religions are living in this land with tranquility. However, often ruling party has successfully broken that unity for their dirty political aspirations .By attacking the minorities, ruling party’s hoodlums (thugs) have paved violence. Sometimes failing to deal opposition party politically government  tortured minorities intentionally. They have demolished their religious institutions and fired their homes, only to play blame game with opposition party.

Though Awamileague and its grand alliance claim themselves non communal broadly, interestingly in their reign minorities are tortured and attacked mostly. This very picture is exposed in various media of the country. On the Other hand though ruling party’s thugs attacked minority people’s temples, homes and financial institutions to achieve political benefit they are trying to impose this to opposition Jamaat-E-Islami. Recently the rate of torturing minorities have been increased dramatically and its paving tension in the country. Wearing the shield of so called secularism Awamileague has failed to ensure security of people of all religion. Rather in the tenure of this Awami Government Incidents of torturing minorities is the biggest one in the history of Bangladesh. Government has used minority torture issue as a political instrument. Whenever serious law and order violation cases have emerged against the activists of ruling party, to hide their crimes and to take over the media concentration intentionally Government has raised minority torturing issue.  finally without any proper evidence and investigation charges goes to opposition parties.

In a report it shows that, from January to October 2012 28 minority violence issues have been taken place. Report says, under these incidents 147 men were injured.18 men are tortured by Police, 2 women have been raped and one man was abducted. Besides these 77 homes were burnt and 68 homes were looted and demolished. Again at the same time 13 temples were demolished and 19 temples got fired.
In the report it’s noted that, those minority tortures have been done by the so called non communal ruling party Awamileague thugs. Even the police administration is involved in this. Various media have published those issues.

 In September 2012, an unexpected incident happened by tagging some photos to defame Holy Quran in Social media Facebook. The incident is as follows, a Buddha young man named Uttam Barua from Cox-Bazar was charged to tag some photos to defame Holy Quran.
Various print and electronic media reported that, centering the Quran defaming issue, excited mass people fired 11 Buddha temples and 15 homes and hundreds of shops were destroyed. Upojila  Awamileague, JuboLeague and chatraleague’s reckless leaders led this destructive minority attack. That Quran Defaming issue paves communal violence in Bangladesh and because of Improper action and ignorance of administration this issue turned into a big chaos. Later police filed 16 cases and arrested 212 people.
Interestingly without any fair investigation Government blamed opposition party. On the other hand opposition leaders have also blamed Government for the violence. Finally few investigation teams were formed but the real story is still under the veil. Awami government has ignored its duty to help those minority people who have lost everything. At the same time in Chittagong’s Potia Upojila and Lakhera village 2 Pagodas and one Hindu Durga Temple have been attacked , inflamed and looted by thugs. Also in Technaf Upojila 5 Buddha homes were fired. In Ukhiya 4 pagodas were demolished and one pagoda was inflamed by the thugs. In Chirirbandor of Dinajpur district 4 August 2012, some people stopped a mosque construction and 30 Hindu community homes were inflamed. At that time nearly 50 men and women were injured.  Besides, thugs looted domestic animals and expensive goods.  Because of irresponsibility and improper action Upojila executive officer Md. Rashidul Monnaf Kabir were transferred immediately.
A online Newspaper named ‘Live Press’ reported, Bagerhat Kachua Upojila Awamileague leader and Chairman S.M Mahfujur Rahman raped a minority family housewife. Later because of threatening to death that housewife fled to India along with her husband and children. After this incident local minority community people became very angry and grieved. On 3rd January 2013 Kachua Upojila Freedom fighters association arranged a human chain protest against the rape of the Hindu housewife and exiling her to India.  
In that Human chain protest leader of the freedom fighters association urged and demanded arrest and trial of Upojila Awamileage leader and Chairman Mahfujur Rahman. Local people said, under the ruling party’s collaboration Upojila Chairman Mahfujur Rahman committing one by one crimes, but no one opens mouth out of fear. In fear of this Rapist Mahfujur Rahman thousands of minority families are in serious anxiety.  As local police and administration did not take any action against the exiling of raped Hindu woman, anger and grievance is in boom among the local people.

Recently out of the questionable verdict of Mawlana Delwar Hossain Sayeedy, angry mass people have protested against it. Police openly fired the peaceful protestors of sayeedy fans and killed hundreds of people. While the protestors are in action against the verdict, simultaneously the thugs looted and inflamed temples of Hindu minority community.   In this incident, among the victims, witnesses or related Police officers, no one raise charges of involvement of Jamaat  Shibir.
But sorry to say that, some media and ruling party giving speech relating Jamaat Shibir in this violence.  To hide corruption and fiasco of Awami Government and to suppress movement against the Govt’s crimes, corruption government itself is inflaming the homes and temples of minority community by the party’s thugs.  
On last 28 February, Thursday in Begomganje Upojila, Rayganje Union of Noakhali district, 15 homes of Hindu Community along with temples were fired and looted. Instantly after this few media published report that Jamaat Shibir is responsible for it.  Though they even do not have a  single evidence.
 Victims and Noakhali district administration worker Amullo Kumar Das(55), Rashban Das(58), Bimol Das(42), Sharoti Rani Das(27) said to journalists that, in the day of the incident, a group terrorists carrying locally made arms came to their homes and looted. Later they inflamed their homes and demolished their temples. Chairman of Rayganje Union Harunur Rashid said, a political group is intentionally inflaming and attacking minority homes. By a fair investigation the truth will be revealed. Meanwhile from police or administration no one came forward to help those victims.  

On 28 February, Thursday in shilpara of Bashkhali Municipality under Chittagong district, thugs inflamed 6 homes. Later they killed a man named Hori. Until the homes are burnt properly, the thugs stayed for 2 hours there. But within such a long time, no police or political party member came to rescue them, said victim Nipu Shushil.

On the same day in Abader hat area, City college Mor ,Kadomtola of Shatkhira, hundreds of homes and financial institutions were attacked and looted by un named thugs. To control the situation Police announced 144 at night by milking. (Sangram, 3 March. 2013) Besides this, in Belchuchi of Sirajganje 2 temples were attacked by thugs. Also 5 Hindu homes were attacked. Later police announced 144 to control the situation.  Before this on 3 March Sunday on 10 pm in Goalimandra,    Loujonge of Munshiganje, thugs inflamed a Kali Temple. 4 March, Monday, in Alidanga village area of Shibganje municipality of Chapainababgange, thugs inflamed a Hindu worshiping  arrangement of a temple and stole expensive sculptures. ( Amardesh, 5 March. 2013)

Even before this, on 26 February at mid night from Sarderpara Banuapara area bazaar of Sripur Upojila under Magura district, thugs took away Shib Sculpture from the temple. At the same night thugs demolished Kali sculpture in the Kali temple of Shudhir Biswas’s home from jhawtala area of Kalkini Municipality under Madaripur. Nobody knows who did this. Visiting the place police promised to arrest whoever have done this.( Amardesh, 5 March, 2013). In the beginning of 2013, when political field is in unrest and anti government movement is in action, all these incidents are happening dramatically.

In 2012 21st February, while mass people are busy to pay tribute to the martyrs of language movement, just at that time ruling party activists inflamed and demolished the minority community homes and looted.  On that day Awamileague terrorists inflamed and looted the home of son of Khetro Moni Mridha Gautom Kumar in Hoborbula village of Bongram Union, under the Morolganje Upojila, Bagerhat district. Police didn’t take any action as terrorists are from ruling party, said the victims. Victims also said, after the following day of the attack, terrorist Sohel came to him and threatened to death if he tries to do anything against them. (Dinkal, 23 February, 2013)

On 23 February, 2012 even after paying the levied money, in Rupganje minority group were attacked by Juboleage terrorists. They destroyed their homes and injured 5 men. To protest against this attack and levying money, minority group went on a strike in front of Rupgange Thana. ( Dinkal 24 february, 2012)

In Vanga of Faridpur,  Awamileage activists took over the dead journalist’s family property and constructed a club named Shekh Mujib Club, on 25th February, Saturday. Late journalist’s family filed a case and a GD. ( Prothom Alo, 27th February,2012)

9 March , 2012 Friday, 10 am, in the Kuakata Rakhain Mohila market field , ruling party’s student wing chattraleage group were asked not  to play in the field and they looted the market to take revenge. At that time under leading of Chatraleague leader 30-35 terrorists injured business man Mongchang and his wife. They looted goods valued 2 lak Tk. Against this attack and looting, victims closed the market and in the afternoon they did human chain protest.

In Cox-Bazar police tortured men and raped women in the name of raid in the minority area on 30 May, 2012 Wednesday. But policed claimed, when they went to arrest a criminal, terrorists have snatched a criminal and stabbed one man. Police injured 18 along with Lucky chakma, Samia sing chakma, May Chakma, U cha king Chakma, Rima chakma, Kisore Uis Chakma, sain Ming Chakma. Police also involved in sexual harassment there. (Shamokin. 9 June, 2012)   
20 June, 2012 Wednesday, in the afternoon, union Juboleague leader Aser Ali and his group attacked  one minority family in Gharial village , under the Dokkhin Bedkashi Union of Koyra Upojila of Khulna. 8 injured including women. Police visited the place but didn’t arrest anyone. Victim Gosto Sarkar filed a case in the Koyra Thana. ( Nayadiganta, 3 june, 2012)

Years after years minorities in Bangladesh perform their own religious and cultural festivals. They didn’t face any trouble before this Awamileague Govt came to power. For the first time in Awami Government’s reign, Aboriginal people of Bangladesh faced problem to celebrate International programs. 

On 9 August 2012, in JoypurHat and Khagrasori district police troubled aboriginal people to celebrate International Aboriginal day and finally rally and functions could not take place. Even in Joypurhat police injured a man by beating severely. Pansori and Mohalsori  Thana Police grabbed 2 buses while Adibasi( Aboriginal)  people were going to attend program in Khagrasori.

 General secretary of Bangladesh Adibasi Forum, Sanjib Drong said sadly that, over the last 15 years Adbasi people are celebrating the International Aboriginal day and many government came into power but never created any barrier . This Aboriginal day is announced by United Nations and government itself should have arranged programs to celebrate this. Unfortunately government is not allowing the Adibasi people even to celebrate this; this is quite a discrimination against us.

All the above incidents prove that, in the reign of the so called non sectarian Awamileague Govt minority torturing incidents have been happened noticeably. So by proper and fair investigation all the criminals must be punished and the political game must be stopped to preserve the name and fame of Bangladesh as a peaceful country with mutual co-existence of various minority communities. Stopping the politicization Bangladesh government has to take strict and appropriate action to save minority communities to protect their lives and property immediately.

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