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Mere Random Speech

Written By: Troublemaker
14/05/2014 12:43

Sometimes everything seems to be puzzling. I don’t know whether it is a sickness or disease. Nowadays, we have heard about so many mental sicknesses. Whatever it is, I am still going through this bizarre feeling more than often. This is such a moment when I urge to write something about my abnormal feeling. It is not because I am suffering from a serious mental stress or something else that drives me to feel like this. It is not because frustration is strapping me wholly to take me to the darkness. It is something that I am searching for a decade.


I have no affair or love though I really want to involve myself with this triangle. I look at almost every girl in the street on the way to my office and on the way back to my home. This is a regular time for me to watch every single girl or woman in a different way. But it does not mean that I do not look at other people but they are secondary object of my research. I watch how a mother is carrying her child’s school bag to reduce her weight but she never thinks how she can reduce her excess overload of study as far as her age concern. I watch how the college girls are trying to save their parents hard earned money. College girls are waiting and waiting under the sun for riding on a bus or tempo. At the same time, I see so many posh cars are passing by them with carrying happy smiles of rich children.


I see the street children are searching the waste papers, bottles or any object that can be sold to scrape shops to earn their livelihoods. I see how much patience of an old beggar woman is continuously muttering for alms. Every day I have got thirty minutes to watch everything in the street on the way to my office and on the way back to my home. One day it was raining cats and dogs. I missed the office car for staying in the office a more time to complete an urgent task. I did not take any umbrella with me. I was waiting under a passenger box in the road. It was then 10pm at night. A woman carrying an infant in her arm is crying and groaning. As I was eagerly waiting for a rickshaw or taxi, my concentration was fully on the street. After waiting for a half an hour, I was a kind of hopeless as I was cursing myself for not carrying an umbrella with me. That time I first observed the crying woman who looked more hopeless than me.  When I looked at her face, she stared at me in such a way that I could be the one who can resolve her all worldly problems. I asked her casually what the problem she has. What she told for more than ten minutes, I could not believe how a man (male) can do this with her wife. I know those are wise enough, they can understand what is happening with these rural women. I felt so much sorry for her situation. I looked at my moneybag in which it contained only seven hundred taka but she needed more than that because she needed to hospitalize her son for recovering him from Pneumonia. Then I called one of my friends who were nearby at my office. He came with a CNG and surprised to see that I am still waiting for a vehicle in the street. Then I described him everything and he also sympathized the woman. Both we brought her child in to the Agrabad Maa o Shishu hospital. She was such a happy woman that reminds us how pure can be a mother love for her children.


I know there are thousands of mothers everyday crying in the street alone but who has the time to hear ad who has the time to care. I can’t be happy and you should not be happy if you are a human when you are hearing crying, groaning around your place. A true happiness comes when you make happy others. That’s why my puzzling moment never dies as I see we are being happy in spite of having such crying mother around us. Somebody can hear but most of them can’t. Is this the truth? 

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