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Love and Hate

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
19/03/2014 0:15
Religion & Culture

One day Love called out to Hate

And made the feelings known and straight –

“You are responsible for causing pain
You hold back people in an emotional bane
You create deep aggravation 
Leaving people in terrible frustration
You are synonymous with revulsion
Animosity, abhorrence and aversion!

I am the essence of God’s will
I feel but more importantly I heal
I sooth your agonizing toil
I ease your tormenting travail 
I am the consolation for your distress
I am your only hope to impress.

You make generations carry pain
Poisonous burden without any gain 
Disabling families from letting go
Preventing relationship to grow.

I bring warmth and happiness
You bring venom and sadness
I build friendship and family 
You are responsible for misery 
You cause destruction 
I am master of construction.

You feed and encourage anger 
You put the heart in mortal danger 
Soul feels infected by your malice
Empty, malevolent and callous!

I bring to life luminous light 
I eradicate your infectious blight 
You and I could never share the same location 
Your world and mine are at constant collision.

I am the bonding cement
Fomenting safe space for peace and content 
Husband and wife seeking solace
Heavenly love and God’s grace
I keep them together 
You break them asunder

Brothers and sisters in unbreakable ties
I do everything to scrub away all your lies
Their hearts bind in sibling affection 
Overwhelming tenderness and compassion
You detest their benevolence and fondness 
But I keep the light of hope and forgiveness.

You only stoke vengeance 
I wholeheartedly promote tolerance 
You encourage deadly violence
I am forever expressing condolence.

You constantly spread malice
I long to promote lasting peace 
You are eager to cause insecurity 
My duty is to inspire stability

I am most desired 
You are certainly abhorred 
I cause people to feel elated
You make them feel humiliated. 
You are hate, the fuel of hell!

I am one of God’s names – Al-Wadood!
The Most Loving 
Source of all feelings and heart’s longing 
I am love, the currency of heaven.


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