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What would be your biggest dying regret?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
09/03/2014 13:39
Religion & Culture

Life is confined to a beginning and ending and within these constraints we are expected to pursue a decent life comprising of Godliness at the centre and service to the humanity all around. There is only one earthly life at our disposal to enhance our character and maximize on the opportunities. We can either gain benefit from it or waste it. The choice is ours! 

It is inevitable that on our deathbed we would all wish that we had done things differently. We see and hear of people dying everyday in different circumstances yet hardly take time out to reflect on this. Lately, the thought of what would be my regrets if I were to die now has preoccupied my mind. If death was to knock at my door now here are the things that I would regret most:

1. I wish I had a bit more time: I have so much to do and so little time. I have so much potential. Surely this is not my time to die, I am so young. Look at me, I am strong, I am capable and I powerful. If only I could be given an extension in my life I would accomplish so much more. I would spend more time with my family and friends. I would travel the world and experience the wonders of the world. I know that no one will be given even a second of extension from the moment of their assigned time of death yet I wish there would be an exception made for me. 

2. I wish I would be send back on this earth: If only I could return to this earth! I look back now and see all the opportunities I have missed. I feel regretful and remorseful. I wish I could return. I would spend more time being charitable and decent. But I know nobody has ever returned, there has never been a single case of anybody dying and returning to life. The secret of what lies beyond has never been told by anyone who had the first hand experience. Yet I wish the impossible! 

3. I wish I had spend more time in nourishing my soul: I had spend far too much time chasing money, fame and materials. I was obsessed with more worldly gains. I was always busy comparing myself with others. I exhausted all my energy in amassing wealth, fast car, biggest house, expensive clothes, latest gadgets and desperately looking for fame. My heart was in pain but I ignored it, my soul was restless but I paid no attention and I was feeling a huge void and vast emptiness inside but I did not stop to even consider it. I wish I had spent more time feeding my soul the spiritual nourishment that was so essential for its health and survival. Now that my heart is dead and I have let my soul down, I am scared that my soul is going to give me the taste of what I have earned.

4. I wish I had left a memorable legacy: I wonder how people will remember me when I am dead and buried. What significant contribution have I made to this world? How have I benefited the people around me? I know I was too busy just taking and consuming for myself, very selfishly. I wish I had established a centre for education and research, I wish I had funded a few projects that would have benefited the public. I would be most unfortunate if people around me were to celebrate and breath a sigh of relief upon my death. I wish, upon my death, people around me would bemoan my departure and be the witnesses of my goodness. 

5. I wish God would look at me favourably: Now that I am leaving this earth, my mind is concerned with what will be my fate in the life to come. All my life I have been neglectful of my duties towards God. I hardly recognised His existence and when I did, my attitude indicated indifference. I didn’t bother about His likes and dislikes, I did not show any gratitude for all His grace, and in fact I was so arrogant that I even dismissed Him. I never thought I would feel so desperate – today, no doctors can save me, no medicine can prolong my life and no money can buy me respite. On my deathbed today, I know I am totally at the mercy of the creator and sustainer of the universe, the Master of the Day of Judgment. I wish I had taken a moment to remember God, may be He would remember me today!

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