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Written By: Sabir
22/04/2014 0:33 07/01/2014 5:52

The story of Pharaoh and Moses (PBUH) is well known to the people of the book and to the historians. Pharaoh was one of the most powerful rulers of the most advanced civilisation, indeed, because, still today, scientists and engineers do not know exactly how they built pyramid! Without any doubt, he had the most sophisticated technology, advanced knowledge, and abundant wealth. However, he did not use his power, knowledge, and wealth for the betterment of the people, but for his love of material world-MATERIALISM (e.g. pyramid). To built Pyramids, or, in other words, to fulfil his materialistic desire he had to imprisone, enslave, and torture thousands of people (Jews) generation after generation, ARROGANTLY.

 But, no one had the guts to challenge his POWER, KNOWLEDGE & WEALTH- except Allah (The creator)

Even though, Pharaoh physically died but his ideology still exists in the 21st century! Pharaoh imprisoned and enslaved people for materialism; and, in the 21st century, so-called modern world, is following Pharaoh’s ideology in a different manner.

People are imprisoned within a designated border, which is known as country, and handful of people, who have the power, money, and knowledge, are exploiting the majority of the people, who do not have any other alternatives and nowhere to runaway than to obey the small number of modern-day slave master, like Pharaoh. That small number of slave master is torturing (mentally and physically) the vast majority of slaves, who are known as citizens. And, slaves are told, and brainwashed by the slave masters that, every salve has to love that designated land even if they are tortured and brutally murdered by the slave masters; and, if  they don’t then he or she will be known as- TRAITOR!

We cannot challenge those modern-day Pharaohs, who arrogantly kill innocent people for the POWER & MONEY – so, we will be traitors as long as we are ruled by the SHAMELESS BLOODSUCKERS.


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