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Pity the democracy in Bangladesh

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
06/01/2014 22:25

Yesterday the 10th parliamentary election took place in Bangladesh, under the current Awami League government and its extremely stubborn and vicious Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, I prefer to call her the lady Hitler. Under her watch Bangladesh has seen the highest amount of human rights abuse and the largest number of arbitrary arrests, political assassinations, abduction, disappearance and destruction. 

This election was boycotted by the main opposition parties and criticism from the international community has been equally intense but the election went ahead as announced. The pathetic outcome has pushed Bangladesh to further division and I pity the results. Here is a snapshot of what happened: 

1. More than 150 seats have been won by the governing party even before the election and a single vote was cast, uncontested! 

2. Less than 10% of the total voters came out to vote in yesterday's election blowing a huge and gaping hole at the democratic process. 

3. In many polling stations there were no voters at all. People simply stayed home. The message is very clear - the lady Hitler's party had no public mandate to rule and should resign immediately. 

4. In some polling stations a record number of votes have been cast even though there were no real local voters ever visiting the station. The ghost votes were stuffed in the boxed under the watchful eye of the official and security personnel. 

5. A few Awami League (the lady Hitler's party) leaders and members have been caught red handed fraudulently voting. This is nothing new for the governing party, they have a culture of corruption and lies embedded at every level of their party.

6. Nearly 20 people have been killed in the violence related to election, several polling stations have been burned and presiding officers beaten up. Again, this is the Awami League's (AL) way, many of them are irrational thugs often use violence to terrorise people. 

The pitiful state of democracy in Bangladesh looks more precarious and this diabolical election will only further polarise people. It will take decades to undo the political and social damage done by AL government and its members. Peace and stability for the people of Bangladesh will appear even more allusive than ever in its short but memorable history of 42 years. I pity the nation and its defunct democracy.

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