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Android: Math IQ Challenge

Written By: Mutul
31/12/2013 2:14 30/12/2013 23:29
Science and Technology

Download Math IQ challenge

Meet your math intelligence and improve IQ. If you like brain storming challenges then this will be the app that can help you out. Speed up your ability to perform calculation quickly by challenging mathematic exercises.Challenges are arranged in 10 different level. You will face harder challenges after passing a level. Math IQ challenges is a collection of Math IQ exercises like math game with an easy interface which will help you to make your brain sharper and improve your math skills.

Problem Categories:
Basic Arithmetic
Number series,
Binary & Hexa-decimal Number system
Prime, Palindrome, Lychrel number etc
Geometry etc.

Note: The application and Coins for solution is absolutely free. You can solve problems OFFLINE.

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