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War, Like video game to US army

Written By: Nazmul
06/03/2013 21:45 06/03/2013 21:43

Ethan, a US veteran in Iraq. After the september 11 attack on America, Ethan became very angry and he got crazy to kill muslims. He started hating muslims crucially. His hatred turned him highly motivated to join US army. He joined army only to join the US troops in Iraq or Afganisthan. He got cinical inspiration to kill muslims. However he joined army and went to Iraq for killing muslims. Ethan was sharing his deadly experiences of bing a killer himself in Iraq. He shared how he killed children, how they killed innocent people who were trying to survive with fear. He talked about their own terrorism. He confessed there are no terrorist in Iraq or Afganisthan , rather they themselves are terrorists. Ethan left US troops as soon as he realized that he is killing innocents. He went back to his home but his guilts started tormenting his soul. He tried to commit suicide.
This is what happening in this planet where Obama receives Nobel peace prize and legitimates war and  killing innocents by his speech.

Wiki Leaks unleashed a vido, where US troops are killing innocents, though newspaper published a different news earlier.


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