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Strange thing about Death

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
02/09/2013 0:31
Religion & Culture

In the last two weeks I have had a number of friends and families losing their loved ones. One of my friends lost his beloved sister who was in her early 30s. She suddenly died of unexplained circumstances. One day she was happy, cheerful and full of life but the next day she was rushed to the A&E, followed by operations leading to intensive care unit with life support machines attached to her. She died soon after. May God have mercy on her soul. 

One of my cousins lost his mother last night. She was over 80 years of age and has been suffering from dementia for over seven years. She suffered from no other physical health complications. She was rushed to the hospital as she refused to eat and had stopped eating for the last two weeks. Her brain stopped telling her that she needs to eat. Eventually causing her internal organs failing and causing death. May God have mercy on her soul. 

The strange thing about death is that those who are alive fuss over the dead and rush around for the funeral arrangements; cry over memories and fight over inheritance, but only for a short period. Soon those who have died fade away from the memories of their loved ones. The intensity of the pain of loss felt at the beginning lessens with time and in some cases completely forgotten. 

Those who have passed away are unable to communicate from their graves but if they could communicate, what would they say? How would they evaluate their own life and what feedback would they give us? Have you ever given a thought to your death? 

The only certainly in life is death yet most people run behind the most uncertain part of life – life itself. In death we leave all those possessions, investments, attachments and connections on this earth. We are returned to be decomposed and become part of the organic matter. Death brings to the fore our mortality and impermanence yet very few people contemplate on it. If the dead could speak to us from their graves, what mystery would they unveil? If they could speak what advise would they give us?

Death is not limited to those who are old, people of all ages die. Death is not limited to those who are unwell. Many people who are totally well and fit die too. The certainty of Death should be your constant companion but that knowledge should not paralyse you. It should not be an excuse for abandoning the chores of life. Death should never be an excuse for limiting your ambitions or dreams. 

Death shapes our vision for the future. It ushers hope and makes working for higher purpose in life extremely alluring. It places parameters around what you can achieve and what you cannot. It works as a regular reminder that ultimately we are not in control of our life or death but God certainly is. 

“From it (Soil) We have created you, to it we shall return you and from it we shall resurrect you.” (The Quran – 20:55)

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