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10 things you should know about Egyptian Liberal deceit

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
27/08/2013 0:55 25/08/2013 19:19

Today I write with a very heavy heart, a bleeding soul and deep feeling of despair. I write with the hope that people who have some objectivity and moral conscience still left with them will see the truth of what is happening in Egypt. I am not a member of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) but I have followed their political struggle all my life. I have read about them and I have studied many of their books. 

I have met many of their leaders and engaged with them in debates and discussions. I disagree with some of their policies and strongly oppose the method of work by some of its sister organisations in European countries. But I am not blind to the unfair and totally unjust treatment of their members in the Arab world. If I was living in the Arab world and if I was choosing between the immoral and unprincipled liberals, secularists and the MB, I would choose MB anytime. At least they will not sell me for a few pennies and a few days of fame and power. 

Their persecution by the successive despots and dictators in Arab world is truly harrowing. I am a democrat and believe in democratic reform in the Muslim world. I have always been optimistic but the recent military coup in Egypt has become the final straw that provides me with one terrible and conclusive prediction – the battle in the Muslim world is not a battle between foreign invasion and the Muslim masses but a more sinister, murky and protracted war between the secular fundamentalists (Muslim secularists) and the conscious Muslim masses. My conclusion is based on the following 10 observations:

1. Egypt has a long history of rule by tyrants including Pharaohs in the distant past, colonisers in the last century and Gamal Abdul Nasir, Anwar Sadat, Hosni Mubarak until recently and now General Sisi. Each and every one of these tyrants have ruled by subjugating their people, instilling fear in the hearts and minds of the masses and appeasing a small bunch of elite. They have brutally repressed any opposition and cut down anyone who appeared a threat to their dominion. They have massacred civilians without remorse and they have shown no respect for human rights or rule of law. 

2. Egyptians have always witnessed a section of their society brutally repressed. Pharaohs repressed the Jewish people; the colonisers repressed the Muslims while favouring the Christians and other minorities and from Nasir to Sisi, they have vehemently persecuted the Muslim Brotherhood including assassination of its founder Hasan al Banna, hanging of the prolific writer and critique of secularism Sayyid Qutb and many other leaders of the organization. Egyptian jails have the largest number of political prisoners and majority of them are leaders of MB. According Amnesty International’s reports more than 100,000 political prisoners languished in Egyptian prisons under Mubarak’s reign.

3. If Egyptians hate the Muslim Brotherhood so much and if they oppose the Islamic parties dominating the political arena so vehemently why is it that in the recent and first ever free and fair election 235 parliamentary seats from a total of 498 was won by MB and the Salafist Nour party won 121 parliamentary seats? Together their share is more than 72%! In the Elections for the upper House of Parliament or the Shura Council out of the 180 elected seats, MB won 105 while the Nour Party secured second place with 45 seats. That amounts to over 83%! This hardly demonstrates a total disdain of MB and its members who have been subjected to some of the most horrendous torture and oppression at the hands of these modern day Pharaohs. 

4. The Muslim Brotherhood runs a brilliant network of social welfare programmes across Egypt including hundreds of charities and NGOs. They provide subsidised education and healthcare provisions for the poor and needy and facilities for the disabled and most disadvantaged people. They offer job-training programmes and opportunities to alleviate poverty. They manage dozens of hospitals and medical clinics. Their facilities are open to all needy Egyptians regardless of their political or religious affiliation. They have stood next to the poor and needy while the liberals and secular fundamentalists have been too busy enjoying their dictator bestowed privileges. 

5. The liberal and secularist political parties hardly have any grassroots support in the Egyptian society. They have always enjoyed the privileges offered to them by the tyrants and in return they have given their loyalty and servitude. Where are the liberals and secularists today? Have they made any comparable contributions to the society? No never, while MB runs these facilities even when they were a banned organization the liberals and secularists were in bed with the tyrants. 

The MB has won the hearts and minds of the poorest and the ordinary grassroots people by their hard work and sacrifice. Even Egypt’s Coptic Christians have testified to the sheer dedication and honesty of MBs social welfare activities. The liberals and secular fundamentalists are not trusted by the ordinary Egyptians and that is the reason why most Egyptians in a free and fair election will never vote for them and they know they will never come to power through ballot box.

6. In the presidential election the MB candidate won 51.7% of the votes. In any democracy the voice and choice of the majority must be accepted and respected. But the liberals and secular fundamentalists never accepted the outcome of a free and fair presidential election. Their man Shafik was Mubarak’s crony and his victory would have made the liberals and secular fundamentalists happy. To their utter dismay the majority of the Egyptians rejected Shafik and he was defeated convincingly. The masses of Egyptians did not come out on to the streets of Egypt to overthrow Mubarak only to be replaced with a Mubarak’s friend! 

The problem started when Morsi won the election. They schemed and plotted Morsi’s overthrow from the day he was elected as the president. The true colour of the liberals and secular fundamentalists has been exposed and became more vivid recently when they were quick to renege on democratic principles and embrace the military coup, whereas MB has consistently demonstrated its absolute commitment to the democratic outcome. 

7. Morsi may have been elected as the president but his job was near impossible. It would take any government decades to clean up the rotten culture of the Mubarak era. Egyptian infrastructures including the civil service, government departments, police, military and intelligence services were all deeply infected by the contagious corruption disease. The beneficiaries from Mubarak reign and Mubarak friends were still in control of the state apparatus including the judiciary. 

The judiciary did not remain independent during Morris's Presidency. Mubarak appointed most of the senior judges and their old habits were impossible to shed. They rebelled and refused to work under new and cleaner non-partisan and non-political directives. From an ordinary police officer to military generals, all were interested in lining their pockets. The office clerks to bankers all were too keen on making extra money by taking bribes. Liberals and secular fundamentalists accuse Morsi of not bringing the promised changes fast enough but it was their disgusting and dishonest culture that has been the main problem, how could Morsi change anything overnight? The endemic corruption, cronyism, nepotism and dysfunctional bureaucracies are the legacies of these liberals and secular fundamentalists. 

Another astonishing fact that shows the depth of conspiracy by the liberal elites and secular fundamentalists is the miraculous reappearance of the fuel the day after Morsi was overthrown. Everyone knows that there was terrible shortages of fuel, electricity blackouts and gas under Morsi's reign but all the shortages vanished the day after the coup, proving that the military was using its control over 40% of the Egyptian economy to strangle the new government and manufacture discontent. The liberals and secular fundamentalists knew this all along but have lied to the public and were instrumental in undoing democratic aspirations of Egyptian people. They should never be trusted with the future of Egypt! 

8. It took months to draft the constitution. The new draft constitution was put to a free and fair referendum. If a majority of the Egyptians so hated Morsi’s presidency and his proposed constitution why did 63.8% of the Egyptian electorate ratify the constitution? The liberals and secular fundamentalists along with their overwhelming media dominance waged months of negative and dishonest campaigns to undermine the proposed constitution and yet a majority of the Egyptians were happy with their new constitution. The liberals and secular fundamentalists lied and spread rumours but the majority of Egyptians did not fall for their propaganda. They were served a severe blow and they ratcheted up their hate machine. 

9. It is a well-known fact that a handful of people own most of the Egyptian media. The question is who are these people? The majority of them are friends of Mubarak, liberals and secular fundamentalists. They have run a smear campaign against President Morsi since he took office. They have portrayed him as an autocratic and extremist Islamist. The truth is he is far from these negative characterizations. He has gone out of his way and call of duty to encourage a more inclusive government. He has offered more than 70% of the cabinet posts to people of different political parties and persuasions. He offered vice-presidency to his arch-rivals and critiques. In a majority of the cases the liberals and secular fundamentalists have been obstructive and uncooperative. They did everything possible to make the life and work of the president impossible. 

The liberal and secular fundamentalist owned media enjoyed the freedom offered to them by Morsi’s government but as soon as the military coup took place, the same media have pushed the military junta to shut down MB supporting media outlets. They have even applauded the arrests and detentions of Al Jazeera reporters. The truth is they have exploited the instabilities and dysfunctional state of Egypt and then shifted the blame onto Morsi. They are the true stooges of the modern day Pharaoh and they are shameless about it. 

The liberal and secular fundamentalist media churned out lies and manufactured a false consensus against MB. These lies included accusations of the Rabaa Al Adawiya sit-in receiving Russian supplied chemical weapons, anti-aircraft missiles and laser guided sniper rifles. Not only are these accusations unfounded but they were part of a systematic smear campaign. Some of the accusations and rumours were downright laughable and absolutely stupid. Yet the liberals and secular fundamentalists run media repeatedly told these lies to the Egyptian people repeatedly. The sheer scale of lies and hypocrisy beggars belief. 

10. Rabaa Al-Adawiya protest was the last stand of defiance by the masses. However, these media organisations spread hatred against a people who felt aggrieved by the theft of their democratic rights. They voted for a president who won the election fairly, yet illegitimate rulers have locked him up in a prison. The liberal and secular fundamentalists media hyped up the public sentiment, inflamed anger and fermented resentment against the peaceful protesters. The clearest evidence of the liberal and secularist deceit and hypocrisy as well as their media’s collusion is the support of the coup and their portrayal of the massacre of the thousands of people around the country and in Rabaa Al-Adawiya as a victory for secularism! They kill and assassinate their opponents, they are not liberals or secular, they are simply secular fundamentalists. 

I believe what we have witnessed in Egypt is nothing short of secular fundamentalism and secular violent extremism. My fear is that the Muslim world has had enough of their ruthless reign andmay erupt like a volcano unleashing the wrath that has been bubbling for decades. The consequence would be devastating for all. The civilized world needs to distance themselves from these secular fundamentalists in the Muslim world and do everything possible for an immediate return to democratic rule. Egypt needs to exorcise the secular fundamentalist demons urgently.

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