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Killing of Rajib: Govt taking Opportunity to silence free thinker?

Written By: Nazmul
20/02/2013 15:35
Burning Issue

While Bangladesh is shock with the killing of Rajib, the blogger from Shahbag Movement, Bangladesh government authority has taken the opportunity to silence dissent voice. It has reported that many blogger’s account has been shut for alleged writing about hurting so called ‘Religious Sentiment’.

Days before he was arrested, Mohiuddin’s blog, along with three others, was taken down by the operators of, a local hosting platform. Operators of the platform confirmed that they had received takedown requests from Bangladesh’s Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. Mohiuddin called the Commission's efforts to shut down blogs a dangerous precedent.

He wrote: “If the writings of any blogger defy any of the rules of the blog or are deemed illegal, then the blog owners can decide on that. Which posts should be published or not should be at the discretion of the blog platform, not the regulatory authorities. Just imagine: if the authorities can manage to shut down a voice by forcing the platforms to do so they’ll start believing that they can control the bloggers. They will always find another reason to block another blogger … and imagine what will happen if a radical Islamist government comes to power?”

On the pretext of Extremist concern of religious sentiment, government now runs after blogger instead of Extremist themselves. What an Irony. This development has come with further shock to a country where intelligential are mostly secular and hold a liberal attitude toward religion (with some exception).

On Mukta Mona (Free Thinkers), a blog on freedom of expression, blogger Farhana Ahmed offered her theory on why atheists and secular online activists are being targeted:

I think there are two reasons behind this. The first one is theoretical, both the Islamist hardliner and practicing Muslims are skeptical about atheists. Religion is very powerful, sometimes more than the state such as when the state has to accept the help of religion. If any of those establishments are in trouble, they take refuge in religion.

The second reason is the reaction to the Shahbag mass uprising. Being labeled as an atheist is a distraction even among fellow protesters, so the atheists are becoming an easy target for the [religious political establishments] Jamaat-Shibir-Hijbut Tahrir. 

Unfortunately, the current regime of Bangladesh is called champion in secularism while the same regime is also champion is silencing free thinker and liberal voice. In a way, govt using fanatics, extremist fear to deal with its critics. At the end freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of thoughts are marginalised. It seems only voice government want to keep alive that provide oil in govt position and support its illegal activities.   

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