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A complete movement in Egypt: Where leaders lead from the front

Written By: MohammadHossain
19/08/2013 4:42 19/08/2013 4:39

Asma Beltagy (17) died at Rabaa, victim of a massacre of immense proportions. She was daughter of senior Brotherhood Leader and Freedom and Justice Party General Secretary Mohamed El-Beltagi. She was among more than 2200 proud martyrs who were decimated at Rabaa Al Adaweiyya square and Nahda Square.
Asma Beltagy
In the countrywide demonstrations that followed at Ramses square on the 16th of August, Ammar Badie (38) son of Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, died of bullet wounds after he was shot twice in the head and eye, sustained while taking part in protests where about 200 people died in an afternoon of gunfire and mayhem on Friday alone.
That is not all. Khaled Fernas Abdel-Basit was martyred during his participation in Ramses protests on Friday, said Ahmed Seif al-Islam, the son martyr Hasan Al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. Khaled was grandson of Hasan Al Banna.
These are examples of the extent of the commitment to the cause at hand, that of an Egypt that shall be free from tyranny and darkness brought about by oppressive military rule. These instances of personal valor are further testament to the completeness of the movement, where the leaders lead from the front and do not clinch at being among the leading in laying down their lives. They could have sat down at their homes at night and controlled the movement from the cosy corners of their sofas. They could have built special air-conditioned suites to house them during their campaigning. They could have sent their children and family abroad or into hiding. But no, they chose to stay with the people and lead from the front, not hesitating to even pay the ultimate price.
A list of martyrs from Al Iman mosque


At site of the massacre
Such strong leaders have also been blessed with equally strong willed followers and activists, men and women who responded to the call of their leaders without hesitation or reproach. The women of the revolution sacrificed the comforts of their homes and rigors of their family life to be on the streets, side along side with the men, equally defiant in the face of imminent death in front of the muzzle.
The defining moments have been the low fear, or absence thereof, in face of extreme adversity and impending death. The world has been witness to extreme bravery shown by ordinary Egyptians of extraordinary proportions. They have stood in front of tanks, sacrificed unending days and nights, braved the extreme heat and live ammunition. They have laid down their lives on the line, unarmed and utterly peaceful. Many have sacrificed limbs and eyes, many have become maimed while others have paid the ultimate price and tasted the glory of martyrdom. Its a demand of the high price of their sacrifice that we learn from their example in order to implement it in our lives and respective movements.  
The leaders have lead from the front. The activists of the movement have responded selflessly. A revolution is in full swing.  It is up to the Almighty to respond to the calls of the oppressed.
May Allah accept all Shuhada of this movement.

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