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Road to democracy

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
29/07/2013 22:29
Thoughts and Ideology

I am feeling sad to read that some people are proposing a wholesale secularisation of Islamic Thoughts in the name of democracy. While I embrace pluralism and democracy as the best way forward for the Muslim world I believe secularism is a step backward for the Muslim world. I would recommended reading and engaging Dr Rashid Ghanochi, a prominent Muslim scholar, philosopher and the 21st centuries architect of political islam. His thoughts have inspired generation of political activists including the current Turkish governing party and the Tunisian Democratic transition. He clearly demonstrated that there is no conflict between democtratic values and Islam. 
Shykh Rached Ghannuchi, Philosopher of Modern Political Islam
Allama Iqbal is reported to have said in total disgust, "they want us to leave God's earth to be ruled by ungodly people". The question is not democracy or no democracy the questions is what kind of rulers do Muslims want and what should be their value? I believe authority and power is not inherited by virtue of family lineage but earned through democratic mandate from the people. However, morality and ethics can never be determined my popularity or ballot box but must be universal and absolute. Alternative is confusion, chaos and anarchy. The liberal Netherlands is a good example. They have learned through years of exeperimentations with relative morals and ethics and concluded that while freedom and liberty is absolutely essential absolute boundaries help to safeguard these values. Recently they have reversed their ultra permissive and ultra liberal drug's law. 

They have taken the opposite and extreme position on immigration and islamophobia is seen as very fashionable expression of the new Netherlands. I am afraid moral relativism has a tendency of swinging from one extreme to the other. Can you believe the Dutch participated in the extermination of Jewish people during the Holocaust? Absolute Morality has to be the guiding principle that wholeheartedly rejects such vile crimes against humanity.

Secularism is not the panasia to all ills in the world and in my humble view is and has become a huge liability. Experience has shown most Muslim country's secular political elites are not true to their claim of liberalism or democracy. They know full well that in a free and fair election they will never win so they resort to the tried and tested tricks - irrationality, vilification, scare mongering, intimidation, brutal violence and murder of their opponents especially religious opponents with political ambitions . They spin their actions at home by buying religious endorsements from "scholars for dollars" and tell their foreign patrons that they are fighting terrorism and extremism. In most cases masses are gullible and buy the emotive religious endorsements and foreign governments especially the western ones have a vested interested in maintaining the statusquo. 

From Bangladesh to Egypt the secular alliance have been incapable of tolerating anyone else in power or genuine power sharing arrangements. It's their way or the highway. I would say the main problem with the Muslim masses is that they lack knowledge and resources to seriously alter their future, those who govern them own the bulk of the industries and communications outlet and what the masses hear is one sided narrative often dictated by the corrupt oligarchs, stooges, henchmen and industrialists and their self interests. 

The way forward may be a clean and fresh start for the Muslim world but that could mean a bloodbath in some countries unless the powerful ruling elite start conceding power and engage in real dialogue for true transition to Democratic rule and reconciliation. 

The truth is freedom and Democratic reforms in the Muslim world is enviable, the current farse is only delaying it. Islamic parties winning the popular vote is equally enviable, the question is why push these people into political wilderness? Islamic parties that sign upto Democratic processes are part of the real solutions in places like Bangladesh and Egypt. We must welcome and support them.

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