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A single bullet is enough to shut a mouth up; but we are fighting over “Philosophy” for which we need “Logic”- not the weapons

Written By: Sabir
16/10/2013 20:13 28/07/2013 2:48
Thoughts and Ideology



Questions: Who is she begging to?! And, who is helping her?!


Answer by the believers: “She is begging to Allah/God and He is helping her through the PEOPLE!”

Answer by the nonbelievers: “There is no Creator; therefore, she is begging to the PEOPLE, and it is the people, who are helping her!”


NOTEEven though, we cannot “scientifically prove” THE EXISTENCE or THE NON-EXISTENCE OF THE CREATOR; however, it is apparent that the believers and the nonbelievers both have to respect the “PEOPLE” (“Huqooqul-Ibaad”).


Therefore, the philosophies behind the “SUICIDE BOMBS” & the “NUCLEAR BOMBS”, which kill the innocent people, are a consequence of our “HYPOCRITE LEADERS”! Hence, POLITICIANS and RELIGIOUS LEADERS must take all the “DESTRUCTIVE PHILOSOPHIES” out of their heads (NOW).

 We (the citizens of the world) are civilised enough in the 21st century; therefore, WE (the UN) MUST IMPLEMENT A LAW TO DESTROY ALL WEAPONS & STOP PRODUCTION/BUSINESS.


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