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Why are Muslims so gullible?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
06/07/2013 18:56
Social Issues

I have received a number of emails and text message warning me of the Channel 4 Ramadan series that allegedly has recorded the Adhan in a Qadiyani centre. I am baffled by the sheer stupidity of these messages. How can people spread lies and rumours! 

Let me explain why. 

1. The Adhan that channel 4 is intending to broadcast was not even recorded in a Mosque
2. The Adhan was given by a dear brother Hassan Rasool, who is 100% orthodox Muslim and a practicing one too.
3. The rumour was based on a photograph that the New Statesman magazine used of the Qadiyani Centre when they wrote about the Channel 4 Ramadan series.
4. The photograph was chosen by the magazine from an archive and it had nothing to do with Channel 4. 

Now back to the substantive issue of my post. I am appalled at the gullibility of some of the Muslims. All it takes is a phone call to Channel 4 to check the facts but the rumour machine was fully active before even checking. 

Have the Muslims forgotten the primary source of their faith, the Quran, which clearly warns against believing any news without verifying and worst spreading it without authenticating it. It is considered a major sin both against fellow human beings and God. 

I feel ashamed by the behaviour of these gullible Muslims who have made it their mission to spread rumours. I personally spend hours fighting the right wing media for spreading all sorts of rubbish about Islam and the Muslims, I spend days writing articles and on a daily basis try my best to articulate the true spirit of Islam in the mainstream media. I have made it my life's mission to inform, influence and inspire people about the truth. Yet we have some Muslims who derail all the hard work and effort by doing something extraordinarily stupid or outrageous. It is such a shame! 

I have been a victim of many lies and rumours before but the sheer stupidity of this one baggers belief. I have yet to come across such blatant foolishness. Instead of supporting and congratulating Channe 4 for being brave and bold in broadcasting Ramadan series with Adhan and thought pieces every day for 30 days, some of them are busy spreading rumours. How pathetic and sad! 

I would like to request all my friends and well wishers to share this post as widely as possible and put right the wrong committed by some Muslims who believed and have been busy spreading rumours. May Allah guide us all!

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