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Muslim cannot believe in secularism: Secularist are confused in Egypt & Arab World

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
06/07/2013 0:51
Thoughts and Ideology

Today after Jum'a a man came up to me and complained, 'imam, why did you talk about politics from the pulpit of the mosque, you should focus on religion only'. I was talking about Egypt, the grave consequences that lie ahead for Egypt post the military coup. The questioner was Egyptian and he did not like my analysis of the political troubles that are engulfing the country. 

From Algeria to Egypt the main struggle isn't Islamism against secularism, it is the mass confusion confounded by wholesale ignorance of the real spirit and constitution of Islam. The above question illustrates the real faultline at the heart of the of this confusion. 

How can a Muslim even suggest that politics should not be discussed from the pulpit? If Islam is a complete way of life that covers from cradle to grave all aspects of life, how can a Muslim propose that politics should be left out of the religious discourse inside the mosque? This is a clear demonstration of their depth of ignorance. 

This is the key confusion that sits at the heart of secular Muslims. They erroneously attribute religiosity to a confined and narrow paradigm and extend politics and economics to a wider and more influential sphere. They impose the Ceasar and God analogy on Islam. 

The Prophet is the living embodiment of Islam and everything about the life of the Prophet is closely emulated by Muslims. Anyone who claims to be a Muslim by definition accepts God as the ultimate authority, His law as the ultimate guide and His Prophet as the arbitrar. In this faith based lifestyle there is no room for confusion and these absolute basics are not open to interpretation. 

Another Egyptian young man who was praying Jum'a with me protested that I have been unfair with my criticism of the opposition leaders in Egypt, he supports the military coup and felt that was a better choice than a president from an Islamic party. He felt that the Muslim Brotherhood has abused Islam for political gain and that gives legitimacy to military decapitation of a democratically elected president. This is the twisted logic of those who do not understand Islam or democracy. This sorry and irrational state of mind is rampant in the Muslim world. 

I have met religiously devout Muslims who have the biggest mark of prostration on their forehead yet when it comes to politics or economics they subscribe to extreme secularism in the Muslim world. Islam does not propose a redundant God, it does not encourage part time submission to God and certainly does not accept subjugation. 

A Muslim by definition cannot believe in secularism. Islam promotes pluralism and enjoins on its followers respect for other religions, cultures and people. In the Muslim world secularism is more militant and intolerant of religious political discourse. In most casss their intolerance stems from their misreading and or ignorance of Islam. Spirituality and politics does not roam in isolation in Islam, they are mutually inclusive. 

This endemic intellectual crisis in the Muslim world can not be resolved by removing Islam from the Muslim society and imposition of secularism on the Muslim masses. Today Mursi may have been removed from office through illegitimate ways but when the Muslim masses truly embrace knowledge and the principles of their faith, many more Mursis will arise. Democracy and legitimate leadership will rise from the ashes of these troubled times in the Arab world. I am very optimistic.

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