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Democratic experiment fail in Egypt?

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
03/07/2013 23:03

I love Egypt and love the jovial Egyptians even more. Witnessing Egypt disintegrate into chaos and anarchy causes great deal of consternation in my heart more than it does when it happens in any other country. I do not know why I am so much in love with Egypt. In my view, Egypt is the mother of human civilization and the epicenter of some of the greatest historic events.

I feel sad to see the transition to democracy so fractured and acrimonious. Mubarak may have been deposed but his ghost continues to possess many people in Egypt especially today’s opposition politicians. Al Baradei is bad news for Egypt, his opposition alliance is even worse as they contain some of the rotten remnants from the Mubarak era. I know Mursi has not been able to deliver on many things, but how can he? He has not been given any opportunity to even develop a coherent strategy to move Egypt away from Mubarak’s reign. 

I have argued against Muslim Brotherhood fielding a candidate in the last presidential election and felt they should be the kingmakers, not the king. They did not take outside world’s advice and contested the election. The power is intoxicating and the smell of it may have excited the Brotherhood’s leadership to the point of no return. They won the election. 

In a democracy you determine the outcome through ballot boxes and not violence or unnecessary and vicious cycle of continuous discontent. No president would be able to deliver anything with uncooperative and trouble making opposition. This particularly applies to the first ever free and fairly elected president post long years of dictatorship in Egypt. We would not tolerate the unions and opposition party to occupy streets, petrol bomb Downing Street, riot endlessly and aimlessly for months and worse cause havoc in the country! No civilized nation would allow that kind of behavior from the opposition parties. 

The opposition parties and leaders should accept the truth that the Egyptian people had cast their vote in a free and fair election and Mursi won the election with a thin majority but still enough to declare him the president. The people of Egypt should have been left alone to gather behind their newly elected president and allowed him to serve his full term to implement the changes he has promised to the voters. Instead what we are seeing is hyperbolic lies and propaganda spread by the opposition alliance and the remaining Mubarak cronies. They have used the media to exaggerate lies and undermine the president. 

The only way to clean Egypt is to exorcise its corrupt political elite from Mubarak demons. Unless democracy is allowed to take its natural course Egypt will never find stability. Opposition parties will have to get over their pain of defeat and help Egypt to stability, recovery and prosperity. 

I have found the following article brilliant and it has shed light into the dark and murky world of Egyptian politics eloquently.

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