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BUET teacher gets 7 years for a mere comment while Anti Islamic Bloogers are released on bail.

Written By: Mozafor
27/06/2013 19:13
Law and Order

“I will shoot her first in the head and then in the stomach before displaying her head in front of BUET as a warning to ward off other hyenas".

The above comment in face book by a BUET teacher led to the sentencing of Hafizur Rahman Rana to 7 years imprisonment. The complaint alleged that Rana's posting likened the Prime Minister to a ‘hyena’ who feasted on the country and was now eyeing the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. It is sad to see that such a vague comment has put some one in to prison. This is the example of our judiciary in dismal state. Where people are accused of murder, they are released on ground of compassion by the president, yet a mere threat receives a 7 years sentence and that to a BUET teacher. Many people, including myself and others quiet often vent our anger on face book and other social media about wrongs our government commits. This is a way to have our voice heard, but it is in no way inciting violence against individuals but rather highlighting the problems in our society. The judge should have taken everything in to context before passing the sentence.

On the contrary, face book blogger Asif Muhiuddin who made sacrilegious comment that upset millions of Muslim, and led to Shapla Chottor killings has been released by the court on bail. Why this contradiction in our judiciary? Fairness, judiciary independence are hostage to personal craze of the government. Most frequently the government uses flimsy reasons to silence any form of opposition. A subservient judiciary can not serve the interest of the majority. We need to reflect deeply on the current state of our most important institution and prioritize our political, social, and civil effort to remove this government from power so that some dignity and order could be restored within the judiciary system. The real hyenas are this government and the courts that feast on innocent people.

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