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Why write a blog?

Written By: salmanalazami
14/06/2013 1:29


In the age of facebook and twitter writing a blog seems a bit old fashioned. Yet, I have decided to write this blog as a personal diary of someone who is deeply affected by the incidents happening in Bangladesh. As the youngest son of Professor Ghulam Azam, now spending his 18th month in prison at the age of 90 under a so-called court that is neither national nor international, I find myself as the family spokesperson giving interviews, writing articles and visiting countries. However, I have a lot more to say than the interviews, which are conducted by others. I have no control over those interviews as I only can answer the questions I am asked.  Twitter is a fantastic medium and I have been enjoying my experience as a regular tweeter with over two thousand followers. However 140 characters are not enough to speak my mind other than some quick pointers and reactions. People now have so many friends on facebook that it is easy to miss someone’s status. I find it extremely difficult to keep up with the status updates of my facebook friends. Therefore, I thought of putting across my thoughts through a blog where I can create my own world as a personal diary.

This is my third attempt of blogging. My previous two blogs didn’t go too far. I hope this one will last longer as I have so many things to say that I don’t think I will struggle to find a topic. If you want to follow my blog then please be ready to be bombarded by political posts, particularly related to Bangladesh. I am not a politician and never intend to be one, but being at the forefront representing an oppressed political leader means that Bangladeshi politics will be a key element in my posts. As an academic I am interested in issues related to multiculturalism, religion and the media, so you can expect posts on these as well. My other passion is sports, particularly cricket, so you can’t blame me for expressing my views on sports.

I will publicise my posts through facebook and twitter. If you want to comment on any of my blogs, then you are welcome. I will appreciate thoughtful comments and won’t mind constructive criticisms. You are free to disagree with my views and provide logical counter-arguments. However, if you intend to be abusive, your comments will be immediately removed.

Please don’t expect me to write every day. I will try to be regular, but can’t promise anything. I have too many commitments – academic and family besides my role as the family spokesperson. Therefore, apologies in advance to those who have high expectations.

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