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Babunagari gets bail !

Written By: Bangladesh
29/05/2013 15:11
Human rights

Secretary General of Hefajat-E-Islam Mawlana Junaid  Babunagari is in life support in Hospital. Earlier he was in police custody. Police tortured him in the name of interrogation. Social media reports police clawed him, tortured him by electric shock  and he was beaten by sticks thoroughly. Doctor found gangrene in his leg and did surgery to recover the gangrene. Eventually after the surgery doctor found his kidneys are down.

Police arrested Babunagari on 6 May at Lalbag area in the Dhaka city and filed total 16 cases of involvement in killing a police man , vandalizing, torching and destroying public property.

However, in the name of so called interrogation Police tortured Babunagari in a inhuman way and forced him to confess that Hefajat-E-Islam was planning to down Awami government from power along with Bangladesh nationalist Party BNP.

Soon after Babunagari's physical condition has been deteriorated, court gives him bail. Its very clear that government is trying to skip the responsibility of Babunagari's present health condition and possible death, as he is in life support now.

This is certainly a state terrorism. Government is using law enforcement agencies to suppress opposition activists from the very beginning of Awami regime and opposition part activists are being executed by Police, RAB thoroughly. Either law enforcement agencies torturing opposition activists in police custody in the name of remand or abducting them and eventually their family members never find them.

Babunagari is another victim of state terrorism in Bangladesh. We can now just pray for this innocent man for his safe life. Rest Almighty knows.

How many people like Babunagari will be victimized by state sponsored terrorism by law enforcement agencies in Bangladesh ? we really do not have any answer.

Yet Sheikh Hasina will be saying, there no human rights violation in Bangladesh !!

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