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Victim of Police Brutality: Lost in the Corridors of Hospital

Written By: peacedoctor
26/05/2013 14:51
Human rights

Md. Humayun Kabir, an 18 year old student youth, resided at Dhamrai, Savar, near Dhaka. He was a 2nd year college student and was about to sit for his HSC exam. Coming from a family of lower middle class economic condition, life always presented itself as a challenge for him, never a luxury. But everything changed last December.

On December, 2012, Humayun was brutally shot by the Police and arrested. The gunshot had penetrated his left iliac region. The shot had severed his left inguinal artery and severely damaged the left inguinal nerve. Rushed to the hospital, Doctors began operating on him. They were able to rebuild the artery but the function of the left inguinal nerve was totally lost. Alas, while the surgery was taking place, he was still under arrest! Police awarded the boy with 3 cases.


Months went by, but Humayun failed to recover from his injuries. Fate seems to have cast a dark shadow over this fellow. His injuries are severe as the wounds have not yet healed after 6 months. He shivers from fever every couple of hours with excruciating pain in his left upper thigh. He can’t straighten his left leg due to the injury to his nerves. Doctors’ don’t seem to want to burden themselves with this poor fellow. It is a pathetic scene, a young boy, not even reaching his maturity, lying at the corner of the corridor on a bed surrounded by Jail Police. His handcuffs haven’t been removed for the past 6 months!


The court also seems to be indifferent towards Humayun. He has, to the date received bail on only 1 case. His father runs through the corridors of the court for bail. But wherever he goes, whatever means he takes up, bail is not granted to this severely wounded boy. The judges even took extortion money to grant him bail, but they did not deliver. Humayun is still a criminal in the eyes of the court.


What is to become of Humayun? A boy of only 18, he was supposed to study and sit for his college exams and then the university admission tests. But fate has left this brave boy lingering in the corridors of Dhaka Medical College.


Humayun was an activist of Bangladesh Islami Chhatrashibir. He was taking part in a procession when he was fired upon. Did Humayun commit any crime? No. But today, there is no treatment or justice for Humayun.


Is Humayun going to spend the rest of his life handicapped? Is there no justice for Humayun? Is there no future for Humayun?


The heart aches….




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