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Shamim not first,Delwar is not last:State Terrorism continues in Bangladesh

Written By: Nazmul
24/05/2013 15:09 24/05/2013 15:05
Human rights

Each and every day we are getting news of severe human rights violation  in Bangladesh by law enforcement agencies. Observing the horrific crisis, I feel like I am not even able to express my awe properly. I can say for sure, every conscious Bangladeshi is in trauma witnessing the terror created by law enforcement agencies, particularly Police. ( Amnesty Human Rights Report )

Shamin Reza, a 26 years old young man has been killed in police custody in on 22nd May morning. Police tortured Shamim Reza and took his confessional statement forcefully for the April 20 murder case in Naryanganj. While in Police custody Shamin Reza was being tortured ferociously by   Narayanganj Superintendent of Police Syed Nurul Islam, Additional SP (crime) Ashrafuzzaman and assistant SP (B-circle) Uttam Prasad on May 14, they demanded bribe from Shamim’s family. However, his family paid off the money with a hope that Police will stop torturing Shamim.

At the time of his death at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Shamim, had marks of injury all over his body and blue, round swollen spots on his wrists. Yet, Police men are refusing the allegation of torturing him. Interestingly, the committee which is formed to investigate the probe of shamim’s death, 2 committee members were involved in interrogation.  ( Source: Daily star  )

Certainly, the so called investigation is an eye wash and it will be dumped automatically. Victim’s family will never receive justice and all of us will forget what happened to Shamim, as like as we forgot Bisshojit.

Another victim of Police is the central president of Shibir( a student organization in Bangladesh). Delwar Hossain was arrested on March 31, 2013, while Police prepared 350 cases to file against him. In the name of so called interrogation, Police tortured him ferociously for 45 days. He was tortured  using the technique of the Dark Age confining him in unknown place (Source: daily Ittefaq; April 18, 2013).

As like as the detention centre of Guantanamo, he was tortured tying his hands, legs and eyes keeping in the unknown place. His nails of hands and nails have been rooted out (Source: Daily Jugantor; April 10, 2013). Even so, no treatment facility has been given to this popular leader. This despotic government has making a blue print to disable him to death amid torture (Source: daily Nayadiganta; April 17, 2013).

This is obviously an extreme violation of Human rights by Police thugs, yet we will have to wait a long for justice. The irony of fate is, our freedom fighters sacrificed their blood for this Bangladesh, where people do not have minimum level of freedom and human rights.

Police arresting thousands of opposition party activists and a huge number of activists are missing. Police never take them to court. Victim’s family members do not have any place to go for justice, as Police itself is abducting activists. Press and Media are silent as government shut down TV channels and newspaper (2 TV channels and a newspaper is shut down without any legal Notice).

Police killed a young man named Limon, in Chittagong. Limon’s uncle is a Jaamat-E-Islami leader in Chittagong. Limon was not involved in any politics, but because of his uncle, Police killed him without any accusation against him.

Mr. Nahidul Haque Sazib and Mr. Kawsar Hossain Razib, who were arrested without any specific charge on 5 and 6 April 2011 in the evening on two separate occasions respectively from their neighbourhood in Dhaka City. The torture perpetrated by the RAB included beating, nailing and electrocution while in detention. Source: Link

 Abdullah al fahad, 1st year Law student at international islamic university of chittagong, Dhaka campus. Got arrested from Khamar Bari area on 28 february, the day when Hartal (Day Long Strike) was called by Jamaat-shibir. Police claimed they have tried to commit violence from the procession. On the other hand FAHAD told, after arrest he was taken to SHERE BANGLA Police Station, then police tied his eyes and then shot very closely into his leg. Eventually he has lost his leg forever. Police Brutality

Open fire on protesters in Manikganj, killed 5 men and 20 others got hurt severely. Witness and hospital sources said 50 others are also injured by bullet shot. source

Bangladesh Police of Awami League,The Shameless Brutal Force who Kills only Civilians and Does nothing to the Terrorist. Bangladesh government has been using police to suppress opposition movement. Open fire on protesters definitely cross the human rights.

BBC report on Police brutality in Bangladesh

 Bangladeshi people are not safe from their own security forces. Police get paid for ensuring public security, while they have turned into a public killing force. Anytime anyone can be victimized in Bangladesh by law enforcement agencies. Specially opposition activists are ferociously executed by Police. If we start counting the victims, I am sure we would be surprised that the number of victims is huge.

We got a land in 1971, but we are yet to have freedom to live a secure life in Bangladesh. Where so called elected government kills its own people by police, RAB and BGB, I do not know how much time it will take to see Bangladesh is preserving human rights and people are living free and fearless lives in ‘’Shonar Bangladesh’’

A short Documentary On Police brutality

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