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Babunagari’s confession is misleading and false, Obtained by force: Ahmad Shafi

Written By: Nazmul
24/05/2013 1:12
Contemporary Debate

Amir of Hefazote Islam Allama Shah Ahmed Shafi claimed that the Secretary General of Hefazote Islam, Junaid Babunagari was forced in remand to make a false confession under law 146. He also said the confession was therefore ‘misleading’.

Allama Shafi had made this claim in a written statement given on Wednesday where he clearly mentions that “none of the leaders or activists of Hefazote Islam were outside my instructions that day. Without my consent no directions were given and no one had the responsibility of implementing decisions other than me. Allama Junaid Babunagri was forced to make a misleading confession in remand.”

Allama Shafi denied BNP leader and Former Dhaka City Mayor Sadeq Husain Khoka's involvement in distributing food, "it’s just a baseless rumour" he added. In response to the accusing of vandalism by Hefazote on that day he says “ Many National Newspapers have numerous times reported about those who were responsible for the vandalism, setting fire to vehicles and looting that took place on 5th of May in Dhaka. The whole nation knows very well those who were involved in these atrocities on that day.” (See; how govt thugs carried rampage and vandalise but shift Blame to Hefajot)

Regarding the claim that Hefazote Islam wanted to topple the government down and accusation of receiving huge financial support from the 18-Party Alliance, Shah Shafi said  as completely baseless. He said “Hefazote Islam didn’t Siege Dhaka to establish an agenda of any Political Parties neither demand to step down any one from power.

Allama Shafi continues, "Hefazote Islam is an apolitical and Islamic Aqeeda based organisation. Our only aim was to peacefully protest for the implementation of the 13 point demands. The notion that we wanted to topple the Government is totally untrue. Ordinary believers and Ulamas from across the country had gathered for the Dhaka Siege program out of their own responsibility and faith. Therefore the claim that 18 Party Alliance or any other Party giving financial help is totally false.”

It was not possible to end the Dhaka Siege on 5th of May at the designated time due to the brutal situation that was created, “Before implementing the Dhaka Siege program, the Central committee of Hefazote Islam had a final meeting before 5th of May and fixed an exact time to end the Dhaka Siege and mass gathering.” explains Allama Shafi. “But on the day after noon a dreadful scene of unrest and violence was created in the Capital city and Hefazote Islam activists became victim of brutal attacks by government thugs.

Many were wounded and even killed (See here for example of brutality), due to this I felt it unsafe to join the mass gathering that day. In light of the brutal situation numerous messages were sent to the government on my behalf not to dismiss the crowd at night in such manner but rather to give the opportunity to end the Dhaka Siege by dawn the following day with a Supplication. “

Allama Shafi pressed demand to release the Secretary General of Hefazote Islam and Muhaddith of Hathajari Madrasah Darul Uloom, Allama Junaid Babunagari and says “No one will believe the claim that Babunagari was ever involved in mainstream Politics or any destruction . He has been in remand under false cases, and we demand these cases to be lifted and to arrange for his immediate release”.

He calls for the end of the arrests and harassment of Ulamas and religious people across the country and urges the government to implement the 13 point demand of Hefazote Islam.

It's a summary translation of Amader Shomoy report, 22 may 2013, Translated by Tasneem Najwa

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