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May the Almighty always be with you Brother..........

Written By: MohammadHossain
20/05/2013 14:02 20/05/2013 13:42
Human rights

Some feelings are unexplainable. Some emotions cannot be accounted for. Shibir President Delwar Hossain was brought to court today. A nation saw his condition and millions wept, unable to do a thing. Such is the rule of law embedded in the hearts of millions of innocents, yet violated at will by an autocratic state.

He was arrested on the 31st of March. He was remanded for 45 days in different cases filed with separate police stations for hartal violence. On the 15th of May, the heartless court placed him on a remand of 10 days against a prayer of 28 days in three separate cases. Remand has become synonymous to torture in Bangladesh, in spite of court rulings that give directives to the contrary.

Let the pictures speak for themselves.

He is not asleep, nor is he having a bad dream. He is broken, in deep pain, subject to countless days and nights in torture. In every step is unimaginable pain, every muscle screams from the torture of that one step. He barely stands on feet that have borne the weight of countless beatings; of raw skin that has turned deep red and blue from numerous impacts of wood and metal. Delirious are his closed eyes; all they try to forget are the minutes to the next episode from hell.. He is in an alternate reality, in a place far far away, counting, forgetting, remembering, grimacing, in absolute torment……….. The tormenter looks on, unashamed, immune……



They carry him, realizing that his imminent collapse might make a scene, a scene that would decimate the hearts of millions already torn in grief. They carry him, yet they still don’t trust him. For they have adorned him in the chains of a criminal; a criminal they believe may still overwhelm them with if shown the least bit of sympathy. They carry him away quickly,  knowing that a fuss will only break your heart. He is not asleep; he is living; senses dulled into an alternate reality; senseless from inhuman pain; pain of the inhuman torture of 49 days and 50 nights…..


May the Almighty always be with you Brother..........

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