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Another extrajudicial killing in Bangladesh !

Written By: Nazmul
12/05/2013 17:00 12/05/2013 16:57
Human rights

Shahadat Hossain(25), a opposition party activist in Rajshahi. Shahadat went to Dhaka on 4 May 2013 to court for his regular presence in a case. His relatives said after 4 May they could not find him and eventually he was missing. After 4 May , 12 May at dawn Shahadat's dead body was found in Binodpur Radio station field. His relatives claimed, RAB abducted him on 4th May from Dhaka. RAB tortured him and today they killed him brutally in the name of cross fire. 

Local people said, they heard shooting sounds.Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) continues extrajudicial killing in the name of cross fire to eliminate opposition party activists. It is categorically a serious Human Rights violation led by Bangladeh government.

Earlier on 6th May night on Dhaka Shapla square we have witnessed a genocide run by this particular Bangladesh government.

An anonymous informer informed few other cases like Shahadat Hossain, that  RAB is abducting opposition activists continuously and  relatives of those activists are in insecurity. They think anytime RAB can kill them in so called cross fire.

Shahadat Hossain was a social activists as well in his area Kajla, Rajshahi. Earlier he was arrested for a false murder case and tortured for long. However he got bail and on 4th May  he went to Dhaka for his regular presence in the Court for the murder case.

Extrajudicial killing in Bangladesh is now a everyday news in Bangladesh. Law enforcement agencies have become killing machines to eliminate opposition party members.


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