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Police and paramilitary joint operation killing Hundreds: collection of images

Written By: Abduhu
06/05/2013 12:53 06/05/2013 12:48

WARNING! The following images certainly contain material of a graphically violent and explecitly bloody and cruel in nature. VIEWER DISCRETION IS REQUESTED. 

These are the pictures of Dhaka mass killing on the day of 5 May and early hours of 6 May, 2013. Bangaldesh police and paramilitary forces jointly killed hundreds of (yet to be sure, police concealed many corpses) unarmed pro-Islamic civilian protesterrs. All images are gathered from different online sources such as Banglar Chokh news agency, feb28info, facebook pages and others; thanks to all.

I have tried to include the images here but being unable to do that, here is the links for blogpost and facebook album where you may see them...





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Hefajot massacre by police 


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