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Nehru’s Policy and the Fate of Bangladesh: It’s time to 2nd Freedom Movement

Written By: jahiddu
22/04/2013 20:55 22/04/2013 20:28


Bangladesh is passing a crucial moment at this time because of sporadic violence and clash between laws enforcing agencies and opposition protesters. Sometimes, ruling government supporters with the help of law enforcers attack on peaceful protesters in different parts of the country. The Home Minister determined to use all sorts of power of the state to suppress opposition’s protest movement. He already ordered law enforcers to use light weapons against opposition protesters to stop all kinds of movement against the incumbent. More than 200 civilian including women and children reportedly killed by the government forces since February 25 to April 10.    The situation is totally beyond control of government, because except the capital city other areas of the country witness continuous violence. Law enforcing agencies are also been attacked in some cases by the protesters. Government claims that opposition outrageously is attacking on police but the opposition parties affirmed that at first police attack on peaceful protests, as a result clash spread between two sides. Different human rights organizations including HRW and Odhikar stated deep concern and suggest government to negotiate or mediate with opposition on the issue of election time government system. But the ruling party is stubborn in denying all suggestions and requests from different civil society and NGOs including TIB. All civil society and human rights organizations including experts opinion clearly indicates that if the current violence will continue then the country’s democratic system will be defeated to non-democratic system. They also express their deep concerns about negative impacts on economy, GDP, FDI etc.  As a result overall economic, educational, political, social, and cultural systems, international relations may be directly affected. Finally, Bangladesh will be a failed state in International arena.

Now the question is that, why the ruling government does not understand the situation?  Why it’s not interested to mediate or negotiate with opposition? Why it deny all suggestions and good initiatives like TIB by stating as a connection with the hamper of ICT? Why it is ordered to shoot and kill opposition protesters on the street?  Have they any certain agenda at this moment?  If have, what is that? Is its running Bangladesh by its cabinet decision? or by outer decisions? The answers of these questions lay as follows:

 In 1905, when the Bengal was dived, the Hindu community leaders including Rabindranath, Nehru opposed and protested against that decision by the British Government. In 1947, when the two Nations policy was implemented on the basis of religious line then, those Hindu leaders including Nehru supported and suggested Bangladesh to be an integral part of  Pakistan. Here the United Pakistan with the present Bangladesh was not only supported by Nehru but also suggested by him. The reasons behind this support, was his long term thinking about the poor-people of Bangladesh that, they will not be able to live together with West Pakistan which is thousands kilometers far from east Pakistan. When the breakdown of Pakistan will be held, then the east (Bangladesh) will be unified with India because of his realization about the poor and unconscious people of Bangladesh will fail to operate the state. But when the liberation war started in 1971, the Bangladesh Freedom Fighters (BFF) was made by left wing but generally the poor people including farmers and peasants were directly participated at the war. It was a war between proletariat and bourgeois, and between oppressed and oppressors, exploited and exploiters. Awami League leaders and its members fled to India and took shelter and they did not directly take any part in the war. But the poor, oppressed heroes of rural areas launched continuous fighting against the Pakistani soldiers. India observed that if the war will continue, then the result of the war could go out of its favor. It tried to use Awami League by making Mujib Bahini but could not rely on that force. Indian Leaders perception was that, if the war will continue for long time, then the involvement of general people of Bangladesh will increase. As a result of wider participation of poor proletariat people Awami League and India will lose its control to extreme nationalist ideology to the Bangladeshi freedom fighters. Furthermore, India launched its mission to steal the freedom of Bangladesh to its own favor. It sends its troops and fights against Pakistani soldiers with the help of freedom fighters. But when the Pakistani soldiers surrendered, there was a surrender of Pakistan to India not to freedom fighters of Bangladesh. India regard 16th December as its victory day and Bangladesh observed it as also its victory day. After the victory in 16th December 1971, the Awami League leaders came to Bangladesh after few days later and demanded their contribution and role in the victory. But it has been hijacked in 16th December by Indian forces. Indian troops took control of Bangladesh from the hand of Pakistan but what did the freedom fighters get at that time? India did only not hijack the independence with the collaboration of present ruling Awami League but also have stolen huge amounts of arms and ammunitions.  After the claim and urge of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, India took out its troops from Bangladesh hoping that Mujib government will fail to control and mange a war torn country like Bangladesh after 1971. India also stopped the food supply to Bangladesh to make an artificial famine. Its policy acted as magic that leads to thousands of Bangladeshi’s died in 1974 by famine. People angered against the government and Sheikh Mujib but little understood Indian policy. Sheikh Mujib was assassinated and India thought the Nehru’s philosophie’s of melting Bangladesh into India will certainly be implemented and going to be truth. Zia, a young military officer give a bad alarm to Nehru’s melting policy of Bangladesh into India and democracy flourished in Bangladesh. After Zia, India thought their policy of ‘melting pot’ should be implemented after cultural aggression and by creating economic dependency. For that purpose, India launched its mission to destroy the cultural integrity and economic strength of Bangladesh. She/India considered, Awami League as its obedient followers of implanting her policy in Bangladesh. Some civil society groups, media’s, intellectual persons and agencies are working with RAW to implement these policies of India in Bangladesh. In some sense, India achieves success in establishing Cultural and economic colonialism through the collaboration of Awami League and its obedient paid personnel and groups and agencies.   

Now the Shah-Bag movement is financially and politically supported by the ruling government through the direct help and suggestions of Indian High-Commission Dhaka. The Indian president Pranab came to Bangladesh, when the country was mourned by massive killing by government forces. In the time of mass and indiscriminate killing by ruling party, Indian security analysts termed the condition of Bangladesh as ‘peaceful’. If ‘massive killing’ become scenery of peaceful situation, what the mocking understanding and perception about the people of Bangladesh they contain?  Do the Indian Security analysts think Bangladesh as its province like Kashmir? If not, how dare they are about terming the situation as congenial or peaceful? Now ruling party also think like Indian Security analysts that everything is running well but they don’t know what the conditions of general people of Bangladesh. They do not observe the situation by their eyes but by the Indian Fathers of AL. They want to gain power by using all sorts of means! Indian’s leaders think that in such circumstances its right time to grasp Bangladesh as its integral part following the ‘melting pot’ model of Nehru. Awame League is doing its field work to implement Indian policy by making a state of civil war. AL intentionally doing some works to the purpose that opposition will take arms at their hand to fight against government forces. Then AL will use its ‘terrorist card’ to attain international support and suppress its opposition through Genocide and massive indiscriminate killing, what have already been started. Finally, Awami League will invite Indian troops, if some military officers goes beyond its control and Bangladesh will melt into India according to the Nehrus Philosophy (melting Bangladesh into India).

So it’s right time to launch real freedom movement against this neo colonialist India and it’s allay, Awami League, the common enemy of Bangladesh.





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