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Hasina Regime in Bangladesh; the most Autocracy after Sheikh Mujib Regime

Written By: brown
16/04/2013 20:41 16/04/2013 20:40

Sheikh Hasina is the prime minister of Bangladesh. Its party is ruling now Bangladesh in a nondemocratic and in fasciest way. Its party (Awami-League) is an elected party but not democratic at this time. Whay it is not democratic? because in democracy, the majority respect the rights of minority or opposition parties. But Hasina's government does the opposite of respect. It means, she is running the country by unilateral dictatorial decision by herself and some bad politicians with her. In such a case the whole nation is passing a cruicial moment. Hasina's government does not care about rule of law, justice, human rights, fundamental freedoms and human rights, freedom of prees etc. Her father was known as the father of nation but for his undemocratic activity, he has been assasinated in 1975. Some specialist argued that Hasina and its party is walking in the way of her father. Which may bring an unimaginary destructive consequence for herself and for her party. In this case, Hasina should be aware about her non-democratic behavior with her opposition alliance, otherwiese the consequence may be more drastic and outraged.

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