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Massive Slaughter in Bangladesh by Government Forces

Written By: jahiddu
16/04/2013 18:29 16/04/2013 18:23


After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, the present incumbent government is killing the protesters on the street by its obliged and loyal security forces. The unacceptable mass killing violating all sorts of national and international rules and regulations, the police and other government forces used light weapons against the protesters in several parts of the country. In February 28, 2013, the most inhuman mass killing operated by the government forces when more than 100 protesters including women and children’s have been killed. The government alleged them as terror and opponent of liberation movement. If a children and old age women be termed as opponent of this present government and forced to kill, then what is meaning of human rights and freedom of express. This ruling government of Bangladesh does not care any rights of its opposition protesters but oppress and suppress with strong hand by using all sorts of violence including firing to the oppositions protests. The mass killing of 28 February has been termed as genocide by several politicians including the former prime minister and current opposition leader Khaleda Zia. According to the definition of the United Nations on genocide, it is obviously genocide after 1971. General peoples claim that government is using the weapons against the people which brought by the money of people. In such a case the stubborn and arrogant government does not care about democracy, human rights, rule of law, freedom of press, but they care about their power by using all sorts of violence against its own people. It should be stopped. 

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Jahidul Islam 


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