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Bangladesh Police: State sponsored Criminal

Written By: Nazmul
12/04/2013 0:22 12/04/2013 0:09
Human rights

Police is supposed to be saviour of citizens, they are there to give service to the people. But in Bangladesh Police is the most corrupted institution. Recently they became symbol of the oppressive regime. The crime they already committed, all other groups  altogether did not commit, that does not mean crime can be justified. People are so oppressed by police that now they start resisting by any means. That's why recently we have seen police have been killed in clash with people.  

Image: Police forcing an opposition activist to take Petrol

The above image is an example of police's criminality. An opposition activist has arrested today during Hartal (shut down) nationwide. He is surrounded by Police. To prove him guilty, police forcing him to take the bottle of petrol that will show this boy was involved in burning cars in street! Then what will happened to the boy, we know the story.

Most likely, he will be taken to court and police will ask remand for few days. Remand means severe torture, breaking legs, most cases police will ask money to the boy's family. If they fail to provide the demand, the destination of this boy will be in Jail.

Thousands of opposition activists are in jail. A recent report shows, there are already more than double prisoners altogether in Bangladesh Jail. Most of them are from opposition Islamist group. Police got huge opportunity to make money in current political crisis in Bangladesh. Whoever they feel necessary, they can arrest and demand money from them, if fail your fate will be like above mentioned story. 

Image: As little as teenage boy arrested 

In Bangladesh police when police attack the don't look who is old, who is women or children. Above image shows a teenager has been arrested today. Thus a word became known in Bangladesh now-a days "Arrest Trade". Yes it is police who are the trader. See few more image below.

Image: Even a poor food seller are not left out

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