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No Blasphemy Law in Bangladesh: PM Sheikh Hasina

Written By: Nazmul
08/04/2013 19:52 08/04/2013 19:03
Law and Order

In an interview to BBC's Dhaka correspondent Anbarasan Ethirajan, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said existing laws are sufficient to punish anyone who attempted to insult religion.

Her response came after Hefazt e Islami,a non political traditional Ulamas class of Debond pushed forwrad 13 points demand from their Long March on 6th April. The marchers called for the death penalty for those guilty of blasphemy.

Hasina said: "They have demanded it. Actually, we don't have any plan to [bring in the law]. We don't need it. They should know that existing laws are enough.

"This country is a secular democracy. So each and every person has the right to practice their religion freely and fair. But it is not fair to hurt anybody's religious feeling. Always we try to protect every religious sentiment.

See full interview with BBC


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