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State Power Is Not Father’s Property

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
08/04/2013 1:23


Lately Govt has sent 10 BNP leaders including Fakhrul and Maudud to the jail denying their bail. Earlier 138 BNP leaders and workers have been sent to jail. What non-sense the govt is doing? The power by which they are doing this kind of act is nothing but the democratic power. Nature of democracy is such that, the parties have to wait for their turn. One can’t say that, ‘‘once we have got the power we will never (or for so many years) leave it.’’ The party in power have to leave it, when people don't want them. That’s why the election is so important! From the day Awami League came to power, they have started saying that they will be in power up to 2021. How can they demand such thing? In last four and half years they have failed to rule and today the govt has no control on the situation. Too many people have been killed unjustly. Due to mishandling of many issues today the whole country has turned against the Awami-led govt. What should the do now? They have taken the country into a miserable state and ‘a point beyond repair!’ For the sake of the country and the people they should try their popularity in an all-acceptable election. They should leave power and ‘not-exercise power in a wrong way’ at this moment! In democracy they will have their turn. A democratic state is no body’s father's property that they need to protect this property even at the cost of your life! We can see that due to atrocities and wrong-doings the leaders of the present govt will not have any place to run-away within the country. Already many Awami MP can’t visit their areas! This is the time for the govt to restrain! 

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