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It is better to be underrated by people than to be overrated by them!

Written By: Yusuf
06/04/2013 16:15 06/04/2013 16:12
Social Issues



I guess it would have been better if the essay topic began with ‘sometimes’ because you don’t want to succumb to too much blatant criticism. It can affect your psychology throwing into a state of despondency and unhappiness. I have to disagree with the title since it didn’t begin with ‘sometimes’. If ‘sometimes’ was used, then I can say that when you are underrated, then it lets you see through your blunders and makes you realize any shortcomings. This self-realization will not only polish your so-called obsolete self but will also increase your efficiency, boosting your determination to prove to your critics that you are not as worthless as you seem to them.

I was born with an awful and terrible speech disorder. I was humiliated at every step and every corner of my life. No matter how hard I tried people kept on rejecting me, portraying me as a social outcast who is incompletely manufactured out of God’s man-making factory machine. Entangled in this vicious circle of unhappiness, I regularly dreamed of everything that could make a man happy: friends, family, respect, humor. I was desolate; I cried night and day hoping someday a white night might come and save me from my plight. At that moment of my life, I was not only severely underestimated but the blasphemous taunting and brazen bullying pushed me towards a horizon where I lost faith in my own mundane abilities. I questioned my every move, over-critical and constantly vigilant of making mistakes rather than focusing on the job at hand. This is what happens when you are severely censured and crushed under the ever-growing pile of criticisms. My torment knew no bounds; I had horrifying nightmares every night. I couldn’t sleep and soon became an insomniac. I was mentally mutilated to such an extent that fear was my only hope upon which I relied to lead my daily, scrupulous life. My faith in God slowly plummeted since I saw for myself no reason to exist anymore. This was my life – a life of prolonged hardship and continuous condemnation. What could a man do if he is rebuked as harshly as I was unfortunately? How could a man achieve if every step of his life is over-scrutinized to such an extent that you disbelieve in your very next step? Ask yourself this and try to figure out, if you were in my shoes, how you would lead that life. What would you appreciate? What is there to be happy of? That life is so painful that only those who experienced such dreadful atrocities know how to bounce back. Can you if you are rebuked in such fashion?

You ask democratic politicians, leaders, chairman, managing directors and you will see you have a lot to learn from them. If any of your so-called leader is once publicized as a good-for-nothing worthless chap, do you ever realize that it can take your whole life just to prove that statement wrong. It can ruin your career. Who knows? Maybe your beautiful wife might have been pretending to love you. These are harsh realities, not comic-book fantasies. Any wise guy would know that. Any sanctimonious shaman would know that. Any Christian clergyman may even know better. And that is why I chose to oppose the notion because rarely we focus on the harsher side of things. You have, at last, found out why it is often good to be overrated than be underrated knowing that it can make you excessively proud and haughty. But, at the end of day, everyone wants to be happy and being underrated surely won’t buy you happiness, I can at least assure you that. 

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