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What is wrong with our democracy?

Written By: Yusuf
06/04/2013 15:52
Thoughts and Ideology



There used to be a time when our great forefathers proudly hymned fantastic stories of the honest, powerful leaders of their time. Sir Winston Churchill, JFK, Lincoln, Gandhi and the list goes on eternally. What makes them so memorable, I ask myself. Was it only great feats and powerful, motivational oratory or was it physical charisma that made them so unique? It is a tough question since most of our grandfathers passed away and unfortunately, they are the only ones who can answer honestly and truthfully for they lived in the context of those sweet times. However, one can still try to dig out the truth for now, more than ever, our society needs it urgently as we stand on the brink of self-annihilation.

Democracy is a powerful tool in modern-day politics. Freedom is everyone’s right, so they used to say. When our leaders get elected for second terms in office, they do so as democratic leaders. Almost every president is termed as democratic unfortunately not by their actions though, but by people’s votes. Democracy was lost as soon as we took it for granted. Thus, we lost our freedom because we overused it to an extent where force persuaded us to take one step back. And that misstep has given our leaders too much power and authority, something that was never meant to happen. Liberty is a good; it is a commodity. Proper demand and supply curves govern our magnitude of liberty. Too much demand forces the price of liberty to rise beyond expectations. And that’s the price we are all paying now: corrupted, corpulent leaders and outrageous governments almost everywhere. Blood is spilled, banners torn down and our leaders drink smugly behind the curtains of war. They laugh at our stupidity and our blatant foolishness. They never had to try anything new to rise above us; we made them what they are today. The balance of power has now shifted. Where there was supposed to be equality, there is now rampant discrimination. Love is replaced with hatred. Monopolization has prevented small firms from rising in stature. Economists say the world is heading towards globalization. I think differently, I say we are headed towards global monopolization where power is consumed and usurped by only a privileged few. Shockingly, I believe the very word ‘democracy’ is used as a veil to cover up the secret build-up of this authoritarian leadership.

So, we have lost our grip on democracy. However, we also need our corrupt leaders since the world will reel off into utter chaos without central leadership. Widespread revolutions do not always help as they force our leaders to use violent means of suppression more often. Is there no way out then? How do we restore the initial balance of power?

The answer is simple. We have to stop rendering up our rights to our leaders. Leadership must be checked every now and then. Before you cast your vote for a potential candidate, does it ever occur to you that your ‘hero’ will probably never come to solve your problems. A leader is answerable to everybody who wishes him to be so. That is the distinguishable mark of a true leader. Just as our leaders want us to bow before them, we must first make sure they are willing to bow one degree more before us. Let us remind him that it is because of us, the people, which will make him what he so ardently craves for. And let us not make him forget his duties along with his liabilities. Unless we seal our deeds to a mutual extent, we can never expect another JFK. If a leader is never afraid of his subjects, he can never serve us diligently because sometimes fear is a powerful tool. I am afraid we need to induce that fear in the hearts of our blasphemous leaders for them to act justly as they did countless times before.


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