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Destroying Institutions in Bangladesh

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
01/04/2013 16:22


Awami League, Juba League and Chatra League cadres, with the blank cheque of the present govt. is systematically DESTROYING THE INSTITUTIONS  in Bangladesh. By the word ‘‘institution’’ I don’t mean buildings and structures of School, College or mosque, what I emphasise and indicate while saying ‘institution’ is the spirit of those structures. I mean the norm, tradition, mutual respect, patience, order and the rules followed in a homogeneous society like that of ours. In Bangladesh politics is not a new thing, and has not grown after 1971 only, that we should confer a new definition to it right now. Politics was there, in our villages and cities alike, for hundreds of years from now. Politics was not the ‘cup of tea’ for the hooligans, thugs, and rootless floating people running after money only. Politics was a serious business of social work and instilling justice among the people. So personalities involved in politics had to have good reputation and image. The leaders of different platform used to be judged by the people in respect of quality only. The politicians had very good mutual relation and respect. They used to help each other in time of need and used to be well-wishers, except for the fight over the ballot and election period. Toda in USA Obama is appointing Hilary or Romney as Secretary of State, his arch-rivals of presidential candidacy. Our forefathers also maintained such institution in our politics. But today Awami League led 18-party alliance is poised to destroy those age-old norms and values and pushing the Bangali society into the peril. They are mishandling the trust with the minority groups and opposition politicians. Where are they taking the country to? One heinous example is the burning of the houses of Jamat leaders in Sylhet. It never happened earlier! A few Awami thugs (identified in the pictures and video as Hindu youths) has burned down the traditional BM College hostel, whereas govt took no action. Traditionally this should not be the politics of Awami League! This is threatening the peace, cohesiveness and unity of our society. This divisive politics of destruction smells communist and socialist tradition. In many countries of the world communists have killed millions of life with the false promise of bringing peace. Today the defeated communists are on Awami shoulder and driving the govt into a gamut of cause and disorder. The future generation should be on alert!!

Today among the Awami League, Juba League and Chatra League cadres you will find the Indian agents (they were seen in large number in Shahbag also), extreme-left communist cadres and ex-leftist politicians of various denominations. When there is a chaotic situation, you will find some looters are rushing in. Their aim is never to serve the people rather they are for making their fortune! Same thing is happening with Awami League also. Today in Bangladesh you will find all types of hooligans, immoral people and party to those ilk are rushing around Awami League in a way that actual die-hard Awami Leaguers are not getting the chance. Can’t we see that immoral, corrupt and bad-reputed Judges and Police officers are behaving in a way that they are MORE CATHOLIC THAN THE POPE! It’s time for the people to unite for the sake of our beloved motherland. It’s not the time to get swayed away by belied propaganda, false excitement and meaningless anger against each other. We have to take our beloved country a long way.

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