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BD Army Chief to visit India.

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
31/03/2013 19:43

Is BD Army Chief going to visit India soon? This has come in the news.

The country named Bangladesh is in deep political crisis today. The present totalitarian govt (though elected in a manipulated and disputed election in 2008) of Awami League have failed to control the situation, bring peace and prosperity to the country. They have taken measures against the interest of the people. Rampant corruption and ‘loot’ has become order of the day. They have been using the police as the party-cadre. They have so far killed the largest number of people protesting on the street. The whole world has taken a negative view of this MASS KILLING BY THE GOVT. People in Bangladesh have grown strong hatred against this pro-Indian govt. That's why they are not likely to opt for free and fair election. The Govt is using the police and BGB against the people. They wanted to use THE ARMY against the people. It has come to the news that ''Army didn't agree to get into the situation without formal declaration of emergency''. Report says that, this has annoyed the PM. If this news is correct, then I must say that it’s a good luck and blessing for the people.

At this stage we don't think it will be wise for the BD Army Chief to leave the country and go to visit India. AL govt may take desperate move to replace the present Army Chief by a chosen one. Such things have happened in many countries in the past! But who will warn the Army Chief about such wrong moves?

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