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Samsung Galaxy J5: New sensation in Bangladesh

Written By: Monir-Khan
20/04/2016 10:51 06/04/2016 7:10
Science and Technology

If you are a gadget freak than obviously you know about the Galaxy J5 handset. With the inceadible battery life and very sharp super AMOLED display, this handset wins the heart of many Bangladeshi people. If you take a survey about the most popular handset in Bangladesh right now, Galaxy J5 would confirm it's position on top 3 undoubtly.


Of course, Galaxy S7 owners needn't be too worried, as the J5 makes compromises in other areas, such as performance and overall build quality, in order to help keep the price as low as possible. Its plastic frame, for example, doesn't protect against water damage, and its glossy finish can't help but look and feel a little tacky after the beautifully sculpted metal frames on Samsung'smid-range A series. Still, when the latest version of the A5 is almost double the price of the J5, a plastic chassis is fairly forgivable.

The camera of the Galaxy J5 can be activated quickly with a double click on the home button, which also works when the smartphone is locked. The picture will be automatically stored on the memory card when a microSD-card is inserted. You can use the volume rocker as a trigger, which usually works quite fast, but the autofocus sometimes needs an additional second to focus the scene. Finally, it is possible to trigger pictures with a hand gesture and it worked well during our review.

To know more detail about this device you may go to this page. It helps to get very detail idea o this handset. To buy this device you can check your nearby mobile market. The lowest price of Samsung Galaxy J5 I found 13490 taka. Hope this will help you to choose a worthy device.

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