Purpose of being Kaagoj.com

World is changing dramatically, as a result world citizens are now reluctant to trust or depend on propaganda of main stream Media. Rather, Blog as an important element of Social Media revolution, shaping societies around the world.

Kaagoj.com is a community blog in English, purposefully initiated to serve Bangladeshi Issues to the world. It is necessary to clarify why we used the word "English". There are more than 20 community blog serving Bangladeshi Bloggers, primarily in Bengali. We felt, Bangladesh and Bangladeshi Blogger's have many issues to share with rest of the world and English language is the best way of doing it.

As a community blog Kaagoj.com is open to all. Anybody can access our content, write blogs and comments. Through this platform Kaagoj.com intend to promote Bangladeshi Bloggers in the international arena.

Our Vision

Kaagoj.com is an innovating initiative to uphold freedom of expressions, freedom of thoughts and intellectual rights of thoughts.

Our Mission

Mission of Kaagoj.com is to promote talented Bangladeshis to be potential writer, journalist, columnist, critics and intellectual known to national and international level. Kaagoj.com wants Bangladesh to be better connected with other parts of the world.

Our Values

  • We believe in universal human rights of freedom of information
  • We believe in equal opportunity for all in representing views, opinion through writings beyond any colour, race, religion and ideology
  • We promote voices of voiceless
  • We are non-political, non-bias and believe in unity through diversity

We wish everyone Happy Blogging!