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Existential Crisis of Bangladesh(Part-3):Know Thy Enemy’s Historical Tradition

Written By: MuminChowdhury
12/06/2013 22:21 24/03/2013 23:28

Existential Crisis of Bangladesh:Part-2 In Pаrt-2 οf thіѕ essay I аѕkеԁ уου tο concentrate upon India’s Brahmanic power elite. A qυісk sifting through thе pages οf thе Mandal Commission Report, I rесkοn,....    Full story...

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Bangladesh: Of political witch hunts and chasing ghosts of 71

Written By: MohammadHossain
24/03/2013 19:01
Thoughts and Ideology

The developing culture of a political witch hunt in Bangladesh has reached new heights. The victims of this witch hunt are people of flesh and blood who have made their own personal choices. The choice to not follow the path of secularism, materialism and blind political bickering. The choice to....    Full story...

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Sheikh Hasina and her 'foreign friends':The drama

Written By: MohammadHossain
24/03/2013 18:59
Foregin Relations

Ahead of the country’s Independence Day, Bangladesh has awarded another batch of around 69 individuals and organisations, including 13 from Pakistan on Sunday in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Liberation War in 1971. They include Cuban revolutionary and former....    Full story...

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Challenge to test popularity: is the government dare to take it?

Written By: analyst_bd
24/03/2013 11:06

                                  ....    Full story...

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Insult Prophet Mohammed and Mockery to Islam in Bangladesh-1

Written By: Nazmul
24/03/2013 0:05

Many of us might already hear the situation in Bangladesh.  A group of psycho called them “Bloggers” attacked Allah, Prophet (pbuh) and Islam so nakedly that one sound brain can’t even imagine. People didn’t know about those psychos because very few percentage of....    Full story...

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Jamaat leader’s wife held in city ..Is not violation of human Rights?

Written By: Chairman
23/03/2013 21:44 23/03/2013 21:36
Human rights

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) personnel held wife of Jamaat Central Working Committee Member Dr Shafiqul Islam Masud, also former Shibir president, from Kashempur jail area on Saturday afternoon. The detainee is Dr Arifa Jahan.who has got an one and half years breast feeding baby Sources....    Full story...

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Existential Crisis of Bangladesh(Part-2):Know Thy Enemy

Written By: MuminChowdhury
12/06/2013 22:23 23/03/2013 19:53

Existential Crisis of Bangladesh(Part-1) In Pаrt-1of thіѕ essay, уου mіɡht recall, I ѕаіԁ thаt I ԁο nοt thіnk mοѕt οf ουr patriotic political classes hаνе a clear appreciation аnԁ understanding οf....    Full story...

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Constitutionality, legality, viability and practicality of banning Jammat

Written By: Bengalist
23/03/2013 13:45

Barrister Nazir Ahmed Introduction Some extreme left oriented political parties and their affiliated professional and cultural organisations have long been demanding for banning the Bangladesh Jammat-e Islami (BJI).  This is not their new demand.  However, they have recently....    Full story...

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Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar- A New Start : Where are UN? HRW? ICHR? OIC?

Written By: ABUSAIF
22/03/2013 20:55
Human rights

Emergency in Myanmar 20 killed, 6000 homeless in fresh anti-Rohingya riots . BBC Online, AP A state of emergency has been imposed in the Burmese town of Meiktila following three days of communal violence between Buddhists and Muslims. A statement announcing the decision on behalf of....    Full story...

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Shahbagi facebook page Projonmo Chottor caught for febricating news about chatri sangstha activists arrest

Written By: Chairman
22/03/2013 1:56 22/03/2013 1:49

Shahbagi facebook page named projonmo chottor is spreading bogus news about arrestiong of chatri sangstha activistshe  in Narayangonj  ..Projonmo chottor they edited the picture and gave caption in this headline  prostitution in jamat leader house and 17 prostitute arrested....    Full story...

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Jamaat Activist Killed in Sylhet, Media gives little attention

Written By: MohammadHossain
21/03/2013 16:53 21/03/2013 12:01
Human rights

The death of the President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh yesterday on the 20th of March covered all headlines. A nation came to a standstill to express its grief. Zillur Rahman was a well loved personality besides being the President and the reaction from all walks of life confirmed that.....    Full story...

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Zillur Rahman passes away: Morale of a life story

Written By: MohammadHossain
21/03/2013 8:07
Thoughts and Ideology

History will remember the 20th of March 2013. It will remember so for the fact that on this day, Mohammed Zillur Rahman, the President of Bangladesh passed away. He breathed his last at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, where he was undergoing treatment for critical lung infection since March....    Full story...

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Justice Denied !!

Written By: Nazmul
21/03/2013 0:50 20/03/2013 23:52
Bangladesh in Intl. Media

My school friend Munni, recently I called her long time later. However her father is a police constable and now a days he has to be in Hartal Duties. Munni said, her father told them, anytime anything can be happened to me. Hasina government is nothing but  brutal and autocratic. Her father....    Full story...

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Existential Crisis of Bangladesh(Part-1):Know Thy Pied Pipers

Written By: MuminChowdhury
12/06/2013 22:24 20/03/2013 19:41
Thoughts and Ideology

1. Thе gathering Cloud аnԁ thе Challenge Writing аbουt thе last month’s alleged coup attempt tο overthrow thе pro-Indian government οf Sheikh Hasina, thе wеƖƖ-knοwn political analyst Shahidul Islam noted іn dirge....    Full story...

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Wind of Change OR Change of Wind?

Written By: musa_bin_nusayer
20/03/2013 19:12 20/03/2013 18:53

Being a Bangladeshi in nationality, it is always a challenging position to think about the world. Some people who are politically unaware yet strong political inclination in heart, people who doesn't have critical mind yet they have strong opinion -- both have made them the way they....    Full story...

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