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It is better to be underrated by people than to be overrated by them!

Written By: Yusuf
06/04/2013 16:15 06/04/2013 16:12
Social Issues

    I guess it would have been better if the essay topic began with ‘sometimes’ because you don’t want to succumb to too much blatant criticism. It can affect your psychology throwing into a state of despondency and unhappiness. I have to disagree with the title....    Full story...

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Written By: Yusuf
18/04/2013 12:11 06/04/2013 16:10
Social Issues

                     Life is extremely short. We all have our epic dreams and to make our dreams a reality, we take massive risks along the road of precarious uncertainty. Amateur entrepreneurs risk their financial belongings to....    Full story...

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What is wrong with our democracy?

Written By: Yusuf
06/04/2013 15:52
Thoughts and Ideology

              There used to be a time when our great forefathers proudly hymned fantastic stories of the honest, powerful leaders of their time. Sir Winston Churchill, JFK, Lincoln, Gandhi and the list goes on eternally. What makes them so memorable, I....    Full story...

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Hefajat “Long March” in Dhaka: A single event that changed Awami Government’s Calculations

Written By: VorerPakhi
06/04/2013 15:30

Since last night till this evening, Bangladesh underwent a new history of people’s upsurge centering round the heart of Dhaka City and also disseminating to some other remoter cities outside her capital; an upsurge, reportedly a biggest one, ever seen in the history of her independent....    Full story...

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Existential Crisis of Bangladesh(Part-4):Know Thy Enemy’s Spot and Skin

Written By: MuminChowdhury
15/06/2013 1:22 05/04/2013 0:39

(Part-3):Know Thy Enemy’s Historical Tradition Thе Brahmanic Spot аnԁ Skin In Pаrt 3 οf thіѕ essay I hаνе sketch out thе bare bones οf Brahmanism аѕ a historical institution. Itѕ master craftsmen, thе Brahmans wеrе, іn thеіr cultural DNA ѕο....    Full story...

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Unite to punish the atheist bloggers.

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
03/04/2013 21:13

Bangladesh at this moment of time, early April 2013, is experiencing an unfortunate kind of situation. People are much divided, govt practically have no control, police actions are questionable, appointment of judges is a pathetic fallacy of misjudgement, too many MPs and Ministers are not....    Full story...

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The 13 point demand of Hefazat-e-Islami

Written By: MohammadHossain
09/04/2013 8:05 03/04/2013 17:44

Hefazat-e-Islam has come to the forefront of discussion in the public sphere as the eve of its long March to Dhaka on the 6th of April draws near. But what are the demands of this movement? On the 9th of March, Hefazat-e-Islam leader Shaykh-ul-Islam Allama Shah Ahmad Shafi put forward a 13....    Full story...

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Bangladesh Police: Reaping the rewards of oppression

Written By: MohammadHossain
03/04/2013 13:12
Law and Order

Police are being beaten. Police are being attacked. Police are being forced to fire. Police are being chased. Pro-government and complicit media are usually awash with such heart rendering news of law enforcers being subject to such severe instances of violence. As a citizen of the state,....    Full story...

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4 'atheist bloggers' arrested upto now: Everchanging drama in light of April 6 long march

Written By: MohammadHossain
03/04/2013 13:22 03/04/2013 13:10
Burning Issue

Something seems fishy. I smell conspiracy in the air. Everybody knows by now that the government has arrested 3 atheist 'bloggers' in the name of arresting defamers of Allah, Mohammad (S.A.W) and Islam. However, few in the online realm know of them and the initial lukewarm response....    Full story...

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Another 25th March in 2013 ?!?

Written By: HumaYusuf
03/04/2013 7:23 03/04/2013 7:18

What do you think about  the picture?? Is it of 5 March 1971 kalaratrira?  No, this picture is not of 25th march 1971, but the image is the proof of another more bitter incident of Independent Bangladesh . Like Operation search light that day Pirates killled 31 fishermen in a....    Full story...

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Ruling Party activists attack on Minorities and Temple

Written By: Afroza-Neha
02/04/2013 21:14 02/04/2013 19:07

A businessman from minority hindu community in Satkhira is terribly injured by a group of Government supported terrorists for not agree to give Levy according to their demand.  At the same time they smashed statues(religious sculpture) of the store and took away 2,00000 Bd Taka cash....    Full story...

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Beyond Elected Government. Just Government

Written By: speakup
02/04/2013 18:08
Religion & Culture

"If a dog dies of thirst at the bank of Euphrates, how shall I answer for that to Allah." By Khalid Baig "Surely, Allah commands you to fulfill trust obligations toward those entitled to them and that when you judge between people, judge with fairness." [An-Nisa....    Full story...

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Women in Bangladesh : hope or disappointment ?

Written By: Nazmul
02/04/2013 16:43
Women rights

It was 1960s, my mother used to be a very talented student in her school. When she was merely a 13 years old little girl, my grandfather decided to get her married. Hearing this shocking news, school teachers went to request my Nana (Grandfather) not to destroy my mother’s bright future.....    Full story...

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Shafquat Rabbee Shahbagh taking inconvenient turns

Written By: BUETian
01/04/2013 16:36

After several weeks of existence, the divide between pro and anti-Shahbagh forces are finally being solidified. Troops are trenching in, battle lines are being clearly drawn. Rightly or wrongly, in the views of a section of Bangladeshi citizens, Shahbagh is turning into a....    Full story...

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Destroying Institutions in Bangladesh

Written By: Ashit_Talukder
01/04/2013 16:22

  Awami League, Juba League and Chatra League cadres, with the blank cheque of the present govt. is systematically DESTROYING THE INSTITUTIONS  in Bangladesh. By the word ‘‘institution’’ I don’t mean buildings and structures of School, College or....    Full story...

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